Avril Lavigne & MOD SUN Unveil “Flames” Acoustic Music Video

Three months ago, MOD SUN and Avril Lavigne shared their new single, “Flames,” off his album, Internet Killed The Rockstar. Last week, the duo updated the song with an acoustic version. Today, fans can enjoy an accompanying music video for “Flames” acoustic.

Over gently strummed guitar, Avril starts “Flames” acoustic, crooning a pop melody about still burning for a loved one. After her intro chorus, MOD SUN breaks in, singing the verses with as much angst and power as he did on the original version. As the song progresses, the two sing together, adding new layers and depth to the track. “Flames” is a short song, but even in its acoustic form, it packs a punch.

The new music video for “Flames” acoustic opens on an intimate studio session. Avril and MOD SUN both sit atop stools, Avril playing her acoustic guitar. They’re joined by three other musicians performing violin, cello, and glockenspiel. The wood panelling and array of lamps add to the atmosphere. It’s a great performance that puts the emphasis on how strong the song is. The video was directed by Sam Cahill.

Watch the music video for “Flames” acoustic below:

You can stream or buy “Flames” acoustic from all the major music providers here. Alternately, hear the original version of “Flames” here. The studio version also appears on MOD SUN’s latest album, Internet Killed The Rockstar, out now.

Avril’s Recent Studio Time

It was only last December that we learned Avril Lavigne was recording music with MOD SUN and producer John Feldmann. At the end of December, Machine Gun Kelly joined the “jam fam” in the studio. Travis Barker has also been involved. The trio continued recording music for Avril’s own upcoming album at least through February.

Our first taste of the new music came when MOD SUN shared “Flames,” featuring Avril. It’s a great song, and we can’t wait to hear more where that came from.

Late in January, we learned about 17 new song titles Avril has been working on in the studio. Will these all make it onto her new album? Which ones will be released as singles? Check out the list below and guess away:

  1. Joker
  2. Deja Vu
  3. Love Sux
  4. Avalanche
  5. Me, Myself, & I
  6. Hellelujah
  7. Californyeah! (ft. MOD SUN)
  8. Burn Out
  9. Kiss Me Just Like The World Is Ending
  10. Pity Party
  11. Eternally [note: in Christmas Eve photo, this track shows the word “Happy,” though it’s unclear if that was the full title then]
  12. Dancing With A Hurricane
  13. Bite Me (ft. Marshmello)
  14. Too Free To Live [?]
  15. Boys Lie (ft. Machine Gun Kelly)
  16. Take My Breath
  17. Dare To…. [final words unintelligible]

Finally, about two months ago, Avril confirmed that her new album is already done! She suggested that the album will come out this summer. Following an anticipated spring single, that would be the perfect timeline. Her new music is expected to be more rock than what she’s generally put out so far. We can’t wait to hear it!

More From Avril

Avril’s last album, Head Above Water, came out in February 2019. It launched the singles “Head Above Water,” “Tell Me It’s Over,” “Dumb Blonde,” and “I Fell In Love With The Devil.” Last spring, she reworked its closing song, “Warrior,” to fit the COVID-19 pandemic. Renamed “We Are Warriors,” its proceeds have gone to help those in need during this pandemic.

In October, Avril appeared on Tommee Profitt’s new Christmas album, The Birth Of A King, singing an epic cover of “What Child Is This?” 

More Avril Lavigne News

In the last several months, Avril revealed that she’s been writing a lot of new songs during self-isolation. We’re pleasantly surprised that this musical inspiration has turned into a full, completed album so quickly. We’re loving “Flames” — and “Flames” acoustic — and are excited to hear how Avril’s own new songs will sound, too!

Beyond music, Avril has also stated that she plans to write a cookbook. Avril has talked about her love of cooking for years — at least as far back as Under My Skin in 2004 — and has been sharing Instagram stories from her kitchen lately. We’d be happy to get a new kind of creative project from Avril, and a cookbook sounds great!

Enjoy the new “Flames” acoustic version and its intimate music video. This likely won’t be the only collaboration we hear from Avril and MOD SUN. Indeed, they’ve worked together on her upcoming album and seem to have a new duet recorded. Keep up on all we know about Avril’s seventh album here, and keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

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