Muse’s Dom Howard Shares Studio Update About Canine Producer

Muse has been pretty quiet lately, but today fans got some good news. Drummer Dom Howard shared an adorable update about the new album, showing off their sleepy canine producer, Floyd. Beyond the sweet studio dog, Dom also say Muse’s new album sounds “fat” – we can’t wait to hear it!

Check out Dom’s album tease with their napping canine producer:

The producer still needs naps. He wanted to let you know the new album is sounding fat and to hope you are all keeping well and healthy 🙏🤟🏼🥁

If you wanted just a bit more of a hint about how the next Muse album will sound, Matt told a fan in the comments that it will include “emotional gasps and many usages of the word ‘soul’.” Sounds great.

Last year, Matt told NME that Muse might record their new album in the place where it all started: Teignmouth, Devon. He stated:

I like the idea of totally resetting and going back to where we come from. As in, physically moving back to our hometown and getting back to how we used to be at square one. We’re likely to get in the studio next year to make a new album of some kind and then tour after that, depending on the travel restrictions.

There’s no timeframe yet on when we’ll hear the new Muse album, but hopefully we’ll get something before the end of this year! It will be the followup to Muse’s incredible 2018 album, Simulation Theory. That record launched the singles “Dig Down,” “Thought Contagion,” “Something Human,” “The Dark Side,” and “Pressure,” plus videos for the songs “Algorithm,” “Break It To Me,” and “Blockades.”

Recent Music From Muse & Matt Bellamy

In December 2019, Muse shared a robust boxset of their first two albums, Showbiz and Origin Of Symmetry. Within their Origin Of Muse boxset, fans got not only the first two albums, but also all their b-sides and bonus tracks, live recordings, and a plethora of demos – both of songs we know and songs we’d never heard before. It’s a must-have for any Muse fan.

Since then, 2020 saw Muse release their first movie, Muse – Simulation Theory. The concert film primarily focused on live footage of the band’s September 2019 show at the London 02 Arena, but tied together with an overarching narrative. Matt Bellamy shared two original songs to accompany the film last summer: “Behold, The Glove” and “Simulation Theory Theme.”

Beyond those two solo songs, Matt also put out a few other solo recordings: “Tomorrow’s World,” three acoustic versions of “Unintended,” and a cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The first solo song we ever got from Matt was “Pray (High Valyrian),” included on the 2019 Game Of Thrones soundtrack album, For The Throne.

Matt’s Upcoming Album, Cryosleep

Before we get the new Muse album, Matt Bellamy also has a solo EP dropping on Record Store Day on July 16th. Matt described Cryosleep:

The limited-edition picture disc contains ten tracks, including never-before-released ‘Take A Bow (Four Hands Piano)’, ‘Guiding Light (On Jeff’s Guitar)’ and ‘Pray’ (without the Game Of Thrones voice over). Also an exclusive songbook of sheet music, and a gatefold LP.

Cryosleep will feature the following 10 tracks:

  1. Unintended (Acoustic)
  2. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  3. Behold, The Glove
  4. Take A Bow (Four Hands Piano)
  5. Pray
  6. Tomorrow’s World
  7. Guiding Light (On Jeff’s Guitar)
  8. Simulation Theory Theme (Instrumental)
  9. Fever
  10. Unintended (Piano Lullaby)
More Muse & Matt Bellamy News

Do you love Muse’s canine producer as much as we do? Maybe Floyd will even make an appearance on the new album…? Either way, we can’t wait to hear it. Keep checking back here for all the latest Muse news.

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