Sara Bareilles Presents “No Such Thing / Satellite Call” Live Recording

We’re only one week away from hearing Sara Bareilles’s new live album, Amidst The Chaos: Live At The Hollywood Bowl. We’ve already gotten to hear her opening performance (an intro of “Orpheus” with her single “Fire”) and her Waitress ballad “She Used To Be Mine.” Today, our last preview of the live album may just be its defining moment, its true centerpiece: Sara’s jaw-dropping mashup of “No Such Thing” with “Satellite Call.”

For some background, “No Such Thing” was one of the teaser singles Sara released ahead of her 2019 album, Amidst The Chaos. It’s a fluttering standout on the album, magical yet deeply rooted. Going back further, Sara released her Grammy-nominated album The Blessed Unrest in 2013. One of its deep cuts (and fan favorites) is an ethereal and moving song called “Satellite Call.”

During Sara’s Amidst The Chaos tour, most fans – myself included – were rendered speechless by Sara’s unexpected mashup of the two songs. She starts off with “No Such Thing,” gracefully gliding through the high notes as well as the low. But suddenly, as she finishes the sweet bridge, Sara surprises the crowd with the distinctive escalating “ooh” melody of “Satellite Call.” The drums roll into the Blessed Unrest track, Sara crooning the heart of the song’s verse. As the “ooh” melody returns, Sara moves back into “No Such Thing,” singing its final chorus over the music of “Satellite Call.”

Honestly, this track will give you chills. It’s the biggest moment of the Amidst The Chaos tour setlist, but really, the whole concert is an incredible experience. The new live album will be a real treat for all of Sara’s fans.

Listen to Sara’s remarkable performance of “No Such Thing / Satellite Call” below:

“No Such Thing / Satellite Call” is in the latter half of the tracklist of Amidst The Chaos: Live At The Hollywood Bowl, a centerpiece before the concert’s end. You can pre-order or pre-save the album now; pre-orders come with instant downloads of “Orpheus / Fire,” “She Used To Be Mine,” and “No Such Thing / Satellite Call.” The album will be available digitally, as a double CD, or as a triple LP. However, there won’t be a DVD or any video available.

Amidst The Chaos: Live At The Hollywood Bowl will include all of the songs Sara performed at that November 2019 concert. Check out the full tracklist below:

  1. “Orpheus” / “Fire”
  2. “Poetry For Dead Men”
  3. “Eyes On You”
  4. “I Choose You”
  5. “Love Song”
  6. “Armor”
  7. “If I Can’t Have You” (with Emily King)
  8. “Miss Simone”
  9. “Someone Who Loves Me” (with the Milk Carton Kids)
  10. “Soft Place To Land” (with Butterfly Boucher and Misty Boyce)
  11. “You Matter To Me” (with Solomon Dorsey)
  12. “Bad Idea” (with Butterfly Boucher)
  13. “She Used To Be Mine”
  14. “Uncharted”
  15. “No Such Thing” / “Satellite Call”
  16. “Let The Rain”
  17. “King Of Anything”
  18. “Brave”
  19. “Orpheus” (with T Bone Burnett)
  20. “Gravity”
  21. “Saint Honesty”

Note that for physical versions of the album, the songs are divided across two CDs and three vinyl LPs.

Watch the trailer for Amidst The Chaos: Live At The Hollywood Bowl below:

This will be Sara’s third live album of her career, following Between The Lines in 2008 and Brave Enough in 2013. She also shared the iTunes Live From SoHo EP in 2011, plus live recordings on her independent releases prior to Little Voice.

EPs of Previously Unreleased Songs

This new live album isn’t the only thing fans have to look forward to! In early March, Sara casually mentioned her plans to release a few EPs of previously unreleased songs. Wow! In case you didn’t know, Sara has tons of unreleased songs. We have a long list of songs she’s played live, demos that have leaked, and names we’ve heard over the years. There are likely many more songs we don’t know about, too. You can check out our (hopefully mostly accurate) list of unreleased Sara songs here, and let us know what you’re most hoping to hear on the EPs! We’re praying for “Goodbye Song,” “Lights Down,” and “Only Shadows,” among others.

We’re also not sure how many EPs Sara plans to release or how the songs will be divided. Our guess (hope?) is one EP of leftover songs from each album era. Imagine hearing the songs that were left off of Little Voice, the ones that didn’t make it onto Kaleidoscope Heart, and the songs not on The Blessed Unrest? And if there were any leftovers from Amidst The Chaos, that could make four EPs in total. We shall see!

More Love

Last September, Sara put out her special album, More Love: Songs From Little Voice Season One. As the title suggests, these are songs she wrote that were featured in her lovely Apple TV+ series, Little Voice. While Sara originally wrote some of the songs 15+ years ago, others are newer compositions specifically written for the show.

In many ways, we at Hidden Jams largely think of More Love as its own kind of rarities collection. Several of the songs were leftovers from previous albums. We all know the story behind “Little Voice,” a song that should have been on the 2007 album of the same name. Similarly, “Simple And True” was a song Sara wrote years ago and never released.

Although Sara re-recorded all of the songs last summer, More Love is like a precursor to the upcoming EPs of previously unreleased songs.

More Sara Bareilles News

More Music From Sara

Prior to More Love, Sara’s last studio album was Amidst The Chaos, released in April 2019. It launched the singles “Armor” and “Fire,” plus promo singles “No Such Thing” and “Saint Honesty.” Later that year, Sara also released the EP, What’s Not Inside: The Lost Songs From Waitress. It followed Sara’s 2015 album, What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress, which featured songs she wrote for the hugely popular Broadway musical, Waitress. The EP features 6 songs that didn’t make it into the musical, plus Sara’s show-stopping ballad, “She Used To Be Mine.”

Speaking of unreleased songs, in November 2019, five mysterious old Sara demos leaked online. She recorded them in the 2000s with Ryan Dusick, formerly of Maroon 5.

In 2020, Sara also appeared in several collaborations. In January 2020, Sara appeared on lovely acoustic version of “Teach You” with Emily King. Last fall, she and Meg Toohey released their song “Lucky Streak,” honoring Broadway star Nick Cordero, who died of COVID in spring 2020. Then in November, Sara joined Todd Carey for an updated acoustic version of his 2007 song “Smile”; Sara had previously sung backup on the original release 13 years prior. That same month, Sara joined Josh Groban for a cover of “Both Sides Now,” originally by Joni Mitchell


Beyond music, Sara can also add acting to her ever-growing resume: Last August, it was announced that Sara would star in a new comedy series called Girls5eva.

It is now available to stream on Peacock (as of last week!), so don’t miss it! It also comes with an album of songs (including one called “4 Stars” which Sara wrote herself), music videos, and more. Find out all about Girls5eva in the post below:

“No Such Thing / Satellite Call” & Amidst The Chaos: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Sara’s live performance of “No Such Thing / Satellite Call” is chilling, and we can’t wait to hear the full album. Amidst The Chaos: Live At The Hollywood Bowl will be out on May 21st, so be sure to pre-order and pre-save before then. We don’t yet know when Sara’s EPs of previously unreleased songs will be out, but we’re guessing sometime this summer. In any case, we’re pretty excited. Keep checking back here for all the latest Sara Bareilles music news.

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