Tom Smith Teams Up With Solomun on New Song, “Night Travel”

Today, Solomun released his new album Nobody Is Not Loved – his first since 2009. The album features numerous collaborations, including on the closing track. Editors frontman Tom Smith co-wrote and sings the song “Night Travel,” a ruminative yet heartening end to the record.

Solomun has worked with Editors before, remixing their In Dream song “Our Love” in 2015. It seems only fair that Tom would now appear on his new album.

“Night Travel” is an ethereal song, sweetened with strings and a gentle atmosphere. However, Tom’s vocals bring about tension. If you didn’t already know who it was singing, it’d be nearly impossible to identify the voice as Tom’s: the vocals have heavy effects on them, giving a detached and robotic sound. It’s a big contrast to the music. Likewise, the lyrics are hard to make out on first listen, but once deciphered, they are powerful. It would be nice to hear Tom’s voice a bit more clearly, but even so, “Night Travel” is an enchanting song.

Listen to Solomun and Tom’s song “Night Music” below:

“Night Travel” featuring Tom Smith appears on Solomun’s new album, Nobody Is Not Loved, out today. You can stream or buy the album from all the major music providers here.

Nobody Is Not Loved includes 12 songs in total:

  1. Ocean (feat. Jamie Foxx)
  2. Home
  3. Your Love Gives Me Gravity (feat. Planningtorock)
  4. The Center Will Not Hold
  5. Out Of Focus (feat. Zoot Woman)
  6. Tuk Tuk (feat. ÄTNA)
  7. Never Sleep Again
  8. Take Control (feat. Anne Clark)
  9. Kreatur Der Nacht (feat. Isolation Berlin)
  10. Wadim
  11. Prospect (feat. ÄTNA)
  12. Night Travel (feat. Tom Smith)

More From Tom Smith

Fans can look forward to plenty of new music from Tom Smith this year! In fact, he’s already gotten started. Tom and fellow musician Andy Burrows just released their second album together, Only Smith And Burrows Is Good Enough. It launched the singles “All The Best Moves,” “Old TV Shows,” “Parliament Hill,” and “I Want You Back In My Life.” A song called “Spaghetti” also got some attention in the promotion cycle.

Next week, Tom will appear on another song, “Digitize,” with The Policy.

Apparently quite productive during the pandemic, Tom recorded a “secret lockdown album” that’s reportedly electronica in sound. It’s unclear if this is a solo album or a new group of some kind. It’s also unclear when we’ll hear it, but given that it’s done, hopefully it won’t be too long. Tom has been working on an album with Italian composer Luca D’Alberto, too, which should be out soon enough.

Currently, Tom and the rest of his Editors bandmates are working on their seventh album. They just entered the studio earlier this month, and Blanck Mass is playing a role in its development. With any luck, we may have some new Editors music by the year’s end.

More Editors & Tom Smith News

Enjoy Solomun and Tom’s new song “Night Travel,” and be sure to listen to all of Nobody Is Not Loved. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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