The Policy & Tom Smith Release Hypnotic Single, “Digitize”

Editors frontman Tom Smith is suddenly featuring on a lot of songs! Just a week after sharing “Night Travel,” his collaboration with Solomun on the new album Nobody Is Not Loved, Tom is now on another track. The Policy just released their single “Digitize,” featuring none other than Tom Smith. The song also comes with a music video. “Digitize” follows The Policy’s previous 2021 single, “Yefja.”

The Policy – made up of Pierre Hagelaars and Thijmen Hoebink – shared this statement about the new song:

“Digitize” was one of those songs that was basically fully written in one day. We were jamming in our studio in Rotterdam when everything seemed to click. The arps, basses and chords quickly combined into a unique aggressive yet grooving body of sound. After some finishing touches compositionally, the song was then sent to Tom who loved the track and with the same creative energy as us, delivered an amazing vocal! He wrote with his lyrics as a sort of ‘misleading story’ about a couple bored of human contact who crave a more digital existence.

“Digitize” is a mesmerizing and jubilant song, at least musically. Over a kinetic beat and whirring synths, Tom sighs over boring silence and a lack of good times. The tensions rises when he declares, “You need to let go of your emotion.” Finally, it all breaks loose into a roisterous chorus. “Digitize” makes good use of Tom’s falsetto, and turns out to be a lively tune worthy of several repeats.

The single also comes with a music video, directed by Bram Knol. It brings the digital theme to the forefront, showing two silhouettes of people facing a large, glowing phone. They don’t seem to enjoy each other’s company, but when the man moves into the phone’s inner world, he acts a lot more motivated. He even seems to choose a digital, robotic woman over the girl he was previously ignoring. The video is as hypnotic as the song itself.

Watch the music video for “Digitize” below:

You can stream or buy “Digitize” featuring Tom Smith from all the major music providers here.

More From Tom Smith

Fans can look forward to plenty of new music from Tom Smith this year! In fact, he’s already gotten started. It started when Tom and fellow musician Andy Burrows released their second album together, Only Smith And Burrows Is Good Enough. It launched the singles “All The Best Moves,” “Old TV Shows,” “Parliament Hill,” and “I Want You Back In My Life.” A song called “Spaghetti” also got some attention in the promotion cycle. Last week, Tom also appeared on an enchanting song called “Night Travel,” taken from Solomun’s album, Nobody Is Not Loved.

Apparently quite productive during the pandemic, Tom recorded a “secret lockdown album” that’s reportedly electronica in sound. It’s unclear if this is a solo album or a new group of some kind. It’s also unclear when we’ll hear it, but given that it’s done, hopefully it won’t be too long. Tom has been working on an album with Italian composer Luca D’Alberto, too, which should be out soon enough.

Currently, Tom and the rest of his Editors bandmates are working on their seventh album. They just entered the studio last month, and Blanck Mass is playing a role in its development. With any luck, we may have some new Editors music by the year’s end.

More Editors & Tom Smith News

Enjoy The Policy and Tom’s new single “Digitize,” as well as its accompanying music video. Keep checking back here for all the latest music news.

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