Natasha Bedingfield Previews New Song, “Lighthearted”

Natasha Bedingfield has been all over TikTok lately, thanks to a resurgence of her beloved song “Unwritten.” However, Natasha isn’t just basking in nostalgia. Today, she asked fans what picture expressing lightheartedness they liked best of her. And this is not just a random poll; it seems that she’s picking out cover art for some new music! Indeed, at the end of her post, Natasha also shared a clip of her in the studio, with an audio preview of a song evidently called “Lighthearted.”

Along with the pictures, Natasha wrote:

Calling all creators! I would love your help. Which photo do you think resonates with the word “Lighthearted” 🎶🎵 📸

The video clip shows Natasha in the studio, revealing where the magic happens. At the end, we can see her warming up, singing high “li li li,” like the beginning of the word “Lighthearted.” Right after that, we can hear a preview of the finished song. Over breezy acoustic guitar and a mid-temp beat, Natasha sings:

I’m not running
I’m not the one afraid
To face something

Check out Natasha’s preview of “Lighthearted” and possible cover art photos below:

More From Natasha

In August 2019, Natasha Bedingfield released Roll With Me, her first album in nine years. It launched the singles “Roller Skate,” “Kick It,” and “Everybody Come Together,” as well as a North American tour that fall. Following such a long gap between albums, Roll With Me was a welcome return, and one of our favorite albums of 2019.

Last year in June, Natasha shared a song called “Together In This,” which was part of the children’s movie, Jungle Beat. That song was written by her good friend, musician Jonas Myrin.

Just five months ago, Natasha shared a live performance of a new song called “The United States Of Us.” She suggested that an official release of the song would happen, but didn’t indicate when. She co-wrote it with Jonas Myrin, the same writer of “Together In This.”

More Natasha Bedingfield News

What do you think of the “Lighthearted” preview? We hope we get to hear the rest of the song soon! And after hearing a live recording of “The United States Of Us” last January, perhaps we have a full album to look forward to? We sure hope so! Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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