Editors are Already Finishing Recording Their 7th Album

It seems like just yesterday that Editors entered the studio to begin recording their seventh album. In fact, it was only four weeks ago. And as fast as time flies, Editors are already finishing recording the album! This may be the fastest they’ve ever recorded an album, though they are usually fairly speedy as it is. But with them already wrapping up, we may get to hear the new music sooner than later! Our hope is this autumn.

Today, the band shared a photo with the following caption: “Back in the studio, finishing the recording of E7.” In the image we can see Elliott Williams at a keyboard. Justin Lockey took the photo.

Check out Editors’ announcement about finishing recording below:

All About Editors #7

Editors entered Chapel Studios to begin recording album #7 just four weeks ago. (This is the same studio where they recorded their debut album, The Back Room.) Frontman Tom Smith had already written a lot throughout the past year, and it seems that he and the rest of Editors were developing the new songs as much as possible from their respective homes. It was just a matter of getting them all together again to lay down the tracks. A week after their first studio announcement, Editors revealed that Blanck Mass is also involved in the project.

Blanck Mass was heavily involved in the early part of Editors’ last studio album, Violence. The band later reworked the songs with producer Leo Abrahams, leading to the final version of their 2018 album. However, in 2019, fans got to hear those earlier versions on The Blanck Mass Sessions. (It included the mesmerizing, previously unreleased Violence song, “Barricades.”) The Blanck Mass versions of Editors’ Violence songs were more electronic and industrial. Will Editors’ next album continue in the Blanck Mass Sessions direction? Or will the collaboration lead to something different and unexpected?

We somewhat saw this collaboration coming, too. Twice last year, Editors frontman Tom Smith teased that he and Blanck Mass were “scheming,” the second time including two additional Editors band members in the virtual fun. It seems that these plans have been in the making for at least a year.

More From Editors

It’s been three years since Editors released their last studio album, Violence. In 2019, fans got the special album The Blanck Mass Sessions and the band’s first greatest hits compilation, Black Gold: Best Of Editors. It included three new songs: “Frankenstein,” “Black Gold,” and “Upside Down.” 

We’ve gotten nothing strictly new since then, though last spring Editors did digitally release all four volumes of You Are Fading, the rarities compilations first included in their 2011 Unedited box set. 

More Editors & Tom Smith News

More From Tom Smith

Tom Smith has a lot of musical projects going on this year, not least of all the upcoming Editors album. Luckily, we already have some music to enjoy while we wait for that to come out.

Tom and fellow musician Andy Burrows released their second album together, Only Smith And Burrows Is Good Enough. It launched the singles “All The Best Moves,” “Old TV Shows,” “Parliament Hill,” and “I Want You Back In My Life.” A song called “Spaghetti” also got some attention in the promotion cycle.

At the end of May, Tom appeared on an enchanting song called “Night Travel,” taken from Solomun’s album, Nobody Is Not Loved. Then at the beginning of this month, we got to hear his song “Digitize” with The Policy. That one also comes with a music video.

Apparently quite productive during the pandemic, Tom recorded a “secret lockdown album” that’s reportedly electronica in sound. It’s unclear if this is a solo album or a new group of some kind. It’s also unclear when we’ll hear it, but given that it’s done, hopefully it won’t be too long. Tom has been working on an album with Italian composer Luca D’Alberto, too, which should be out soon enough.

Editors #7 Coming Soon

We can’t wait to hear whatever Editors is finishing recording in the studio! It’s amazing that the recording process has been so fast, and with any luck, we’ll get to hear some or all of the new music before 2021 is over. For now, catch up on all we know about their seventh album here. Keep checking back here for all the latest Editors music news.

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