Natasha Bedingfield Shines in Choreographed Video for “Lighthearted”

Last month, Natasha Bedingfield shared her breezy new single, “Lighthearted.” We’ve been waiting for its music video – featuring a choreographed dance – and now it’s here! Expanding on the viral TikTok videos soundtracked by a remixed “Unwritten,” Natasha’s new video features Rony Boy and Da Mob House.

“Lighthearted” opens with some high, airy vocals before moving into a chilled-out, serene soundscape. Natasha describes being in a moment of pain and darkness, but she’s not letting it hold her down. She may cry in the shower for a bit, but she’ll make it to morning. It’s a gentle and uplifting song that reminds us that we can get through hard times. This can apply perfectly to the past year we’ve been living through, but there’s a light at the end of that tunnel.

Directed by Dan Epand, the new music video starts with Natasha crumpled in her car, parked on the side of a quiet suburban street. She seems to feel hopeless, but then a comforting hand is there to lift her up. From there, the video shows a much happier Natasha with the men in Da Mob House, working on a dance that is as serene and uplifting as the song itself.

Speaking to NYLON in a new interview, Natasha shared:

[Rony] and his crew came out to L.A. to teach me the [‘Unwritten’] dance, because I can’t figure it out, and they ended up making a dance to my new song! That inspired me to make a music video, with them as the band. True to the title, the song brings that carefree feeling that we all need after the heaviness we’ve all been through. TikTok is bringing lightheartedness to all. And bringing unexpected connections and joy after a hard time as things start to open up.

Watch the inspiring “Lighthearted” music video below:

You can stream or download “Lighthearted” from all the major music providers here. It seems to be a standalone single for now, but it may appear on an album in the future. Natasha has been in the studio frequently lately, so we hope a full album is on the horizon. It’s been nearly two year since her last record, Roll With Me, so we’re ready for more where that came from!

More From Natasha

In August 2019, Natasha Bedingfield released Roll With Me, her first album in nine years. It launched the singles “Roller Skate,” “Kick It,” and “Everybody Come Together,” as well as a North American tour that fall. Following such a long gap between albums, Roll With Me was a welcome return, and one of our favorite albums of 2019.

Last year in June, Natasha shared a song called “Together In This,” which was part of the children’s movie, Jungle Beat. That song was written by her good friend, musician Jonas Myrin.

Just six months ago, Natasha shared a live performance of a new song called “The United States Of Us.” She suggested that an official release of the song would happen, but didn’t indicate when. She co-wrote it with Jonas Myrin, the same writer of “Together In This.”

More Natasha Bedingfield News

Enjoy the new music video for “Lighthearted,” and stay tuned for more from Natasha. After hearing a live recording of “The United States Of Us” last January, perhaps we have a full album to look forward to? We sure hope so! Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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