Garbage Drop “Androgyny” Rough Mix & Announce ‘BeautifulGarbage’ Rerelease

In the past six years, Garbage has committed to giving some love to their earlier albums. After celebrating the 20th anniversaries of Garbage and Version 2.0, this year, their third record BeautifulGarbage is up. Although the band just released their brand-new album, No Gods No Masters, fans can also enjoy the rerelease of BeautifulGarbage this fall. To kick things off, Garbage shared the rough mix of “Androgyny” today.

In a message about their forthcoming rerelease, Garbage stated:

We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of BeautifulGarbage. Over time it has garnered more and more respect from our fans, with many of the songs remaining in rotation in our live sets to this day. We’ve always felt incredibly proud of this record and felt it was in many ways very much ahead of its time.

Twenty years down the line, we are very proud that against all the odds we are still standing and can give our beloved album the tribute it so very much deserves.

Indeed, we at Hidden Jams have always loved BeautifulGarbage and count it among our favorite Garbage albums. We also love its lead single, “Androgyny.” Fans can now hear it in an all-new way with the rough mix Garbage just shared. The most obvious differences between this and the 2001 single version are some slight lyric changes (notably in the second verse) and differences in some vocal parts (especially on the bridge). What other changes do you notice? Let us know in the comments!

The “Androgyny” rough mix also comes with its original music video, but with the lyrics overlaid on top.

Check out the rough mix of “Androgyny” in the video below:

The “Androgyny” rough mix will appear on the 20th anniversary rerelease of BeautifulGarbage, coming on October 1st. You can pre-order the new album here.

In a teaser photo last March, we got a preview of what will appear in the BeautifulGarbage rerelease, including several song titles. Most of them appeared on BeautifulGarbage in 2001. “Pay You Back” ended up being released as a b-side under the name of “Enough Is Never Enough.” “After Life,” on the other hand, has not knowingly been released up to this point. The CDs pictured also featured demos, “Shut Your Mouth” remixes, and more.

We now have the full tracklisting, spread across four discs. The first disc is just the original 13 songs that appeared on BeautifulGarbage, remastered for 2021. The second disc is the most interesting, featuring all the b-sides from that era, plus demos, rough mixes, and some acoustic and live recordings. (No “After Life” though!) Discs three and four are both filled with radio mixes and remixes of “Shut Your Mouth,” “Androgyny,” “Breaking Up The Girl,” “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!),” and “Parade.”

Look out for the 20th anniversary rerelease of BeautifulGarbage on October 1st.

No Gods No Masters

Two months ago, Garbage released their excellent new album, No Gods No Masters. It’s offered four singles so far: “The Men Who Rule The World,” “No Gods No Masters,” “Wolves,” and “The Creeps.” It’s a splendid and inspired album, and possibly our favorite since either BeautifulGarbage or Bleed Like Me. The main album includes 11 tracks:

  1. The Men Who Rule The World
  2. The Creeps
  3. Uncomfortably Me
  4. Wolves
  5. Waiting For God
  6. Godhead
  7. Anonymous XXX
  8. A Woman Destroyed
  9. Flipping The Bird
  10. No Gods No Masters
  11. This City Will Kill You

However, a deluxe edition of No Gods No Masters is also available. In addition to the first 11 tracks, it also includes all the standalone singles and Record Store Day releases Garbage has put out over the last several years.

See the deluxe edition bonus tracks list:
  1. No Horses
  2. Starman
  3. Girls Talk featuring Brody Dalle
  4. Because the Night featuring Screaming Females
  5. On Fire
  6. The Chemicals featuring Brian Aubert
  7. Destroying Angels featuring John Doe & Exene Cervenka
  8. Time Will Destroy Everything
More Garbage News

Enjoy the new rough mix of “Androgyny,” and be sure to pre-order the 20th anniversary rerelease of BeautifulGarbage before it arrives on October 1st. In the meantime, you should also check out their new album, No Gods No Masters. It’s a powerful set of songs, and perhaps the best Garbage has put out in 20 years. Which is saying something, because they never disappoint! Keep checking back here for all the latest Garbage news.

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