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Hidden Jams is a place for you to find all the latest news on new music and upcoming music releases. Currently, you can find the latest “In The Studio” news, as well as full recaps on the recording process and lists of songs recorded for upcoming albums. You can hear the newest singles and albums and watch brand new videos in the “Music” tab. The “Songs Lists” subtab lists out all album tracks, b-sides, and “Unreleased Songs” including leaked demos and unheard songs. Over the next few months, we will be adding more information about each of those unreleased songs: You will be able to click on any song in the list, and find out everything we know about it: Wrote wrote it, what album it was for, the inspiration behind it – and any recordings we have. This will also appear in the “Behind The Music” tab. Eventually, every album and song will have a full background you can read about. You can also read about “Making The Album” for recent releases.

Hidden Jams is still in its early stages, but we have big plans for what it will become. Keep checking back as we add new “Behind The Music” posts, “Making The Album” recaps, and Blogs discussing opinions and ideas about our favorite artists and their music. We currently have 20 artists listed on Hidden Jams, but we will add more artists as we grow.

Please feel free to send in requests for what “Behind The Music” songs we post about next. We also welcome any news submissions, corrections to inaccurate information, and other comments or questions you may have.



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