Ghost – Meliora

Ghost 2015 Meliora

Ghost's third album, Meliora, was released on August 21, 2015. This time around, Ghost balanced elements of their first two album: It was focused on guitar riffs and a vintage metal sound, as with Opus Eponymous. But it also incorporated the church choir grandiosity of Infestissumam, albeit to a lesser degree. Meliora also takes inspiration from Deep Purple and even Celtic Frost. Ghost seemed to have perfected their skill by now, and Meliora is a strong album. The lead single, "Cirice," is a dynamic and thunderous highlight on the album. Ghost also released the pounding "From The Pinnacle To The Pit" and the grand "Majesty" as singles prior to the album's release. 

Highlights on Meliora include "Cirice," "Mummy Dust," "Absolution," and "Deus In Absentia." 



1 Spirit A Ghoul Writer  
2 From The Pinnacle To The Pit A Ghoul Writer  
3 Cirice A Ghoul Writer  
4 Spöksonat A Ghoul Writer  
5 He Is A Ghoul Writer  
6 Mummy Dust A Ghoul Writer  
7 Majesty A Ghoul Writer  
8 Devil Church A Ghoul Writer  
9 Absolution A Ghoul Writer  
10 Deus In Absentia A Ghoul Writer