Hilary Duff – Metamorphosis

Although Hilary Duff's first full length album was, in fact, Santa Claus Lane, a holiday compilation released in 2002, her first standard album was released the following year. Metamorphosis came out on August 26, 2003, and was marketed as her debut album. Hilary had done non-holiday pop songs before: Her cover of "I Can't Wait" and "What Dreams Are Made Of" were released in conjunction with her popular TV show, Lizzie McGuire. It made sense for Hilary to follow those and Santa Claus Lane up with a proper pop album. "Why Not" was the first song to be heard from the record, though it was actually the lead single for her Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack. Metamorphosis was officially introduced with "So Yesterday," a pop rock breakup anthem that teens could relate to. The second single, "Come Clean," ended up being a big hit, reaching the Top 10 on Billboard Pop Songs. It remains Hilary's most remembered single to this day. Metamorphosis was Hilary's debut in the pop album world, and she solidified herself as a teen queen of her generation.  

Highlights on Metamorphosis include "Come Clean," "Metamorphosis," "So Yesterday," "Workin' It Out," and the too-short "Inner Strength."  



1 So Yesterday Lauren Christy, Scott Spock, Graham Edwards, Charlie Midnight  
2 Come Clean Kara DioGuardi, John Shanks  
3 Workin' It Out Charlie Midnight, Carlton Pettus, Marc Swersky  
4 Little Voice Kara DioGuardi, Patrik Berger  
5 Where Did I Go Right? Lauren Christy, Scott Spock, Graham Edwards, Charlie Midnight  
6 Anywhere But Here Jim Marr, Wendy Page, Chico Bennett  
7 The Math Lauren Christy, Scott Spock, Graham Edwards, Charlie Midnight  
8 Love Just Is Jim Marr, Wendy Page, Charlie Midnight  
9 Sweet Sixteen Haylie Duff, Toran Caudell  
10 Party Up Meredith Brooks, Taylor Rhodes, Ashely George  
11 Metamorphosis Hilary Duff, Charlie Midnight, Chico Bennett, Andre Recke  
12 Inner Strength Haylie Duff  
13 Why Not Charlie Midnight, Matthew Gerrard Bonus Track 
14 A Day In The Sun Charlie Midnight, Matthew Gerrard Japanese & Australian Edition Bonus Track 
15 Girl Can Rock Charlie Midnight, Denny Weston Jr. Japanese, European, & Latin American Edition Bonus Track 
16 So Yesterday (Thunderpuss Remix) Lauren Christy, Scott Spock, Graham Edwards, Charlie Midnight Japanese Deluxe Edition Bonus Track 
17 Come Clean (Radio Mix) Kara DioGuardi, John Shanks Japanese Deluxe Edition Bonus Track  

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