No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom

No Doubt 1995 Tragic Kingdom

No Doubt made their grand entrance to popular music with their third studio album, Tragic Kingdom. It came out on October 10, 1995, and although it wasn't their first record, it did mark the start of a long and successful career. The album saw seven singles, many of which became big hits; singles like "Just A Girl," "Spiderwebs," "Don't Speak," and "Sunday Morning" are still remembered even 20 years later. Tragic Kingdom went on to top the Billboard album charts in 1996 and 1997, sell over 16 million copies, and earn 2 Grammy nominations. The album is an iconic part of the 1990s that ultimately inspired many of today's singers. No Doubt created a unique style for themselves, combining ska punk and alternative rock with cheerful spunk and authenticity. Pair the fun songs with Gwen Stefani's distinctive, dynamic vocals (characterized by frequent use of vibrato) and you have an instantly recognizable band that is destined to go down in history. Tragic Kingdom epitomized No Doubt's skill and charm, and it would take them 5 years to follow it up. 

Highlights on Tragic Kingdom include "Spiderwebs," "Just A Girl," "Happy Now?," "Hey You," "Don't Speak," and "Tragic Kingdom.  



1 Spiderwebs Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal  
2 Excuse Me Mr. Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont  
3 Just A Girl Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont  
4 Happy Now? Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont  
5 Different People Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Eric Stefani  
6 Hey You! Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal  
7 The Climb Eric Stefani  
8 Sixteen Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal  
9 Sunday Morning Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Eric Stefani   
10 Don't Speak Gwen Stefani, Eric Stefani   
11 You Can Do It Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Eric Stefani  
12 World Go 'Round Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal  
13 End It On This Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Eric Stefani  
14 Tragic Kingdom Eric Stefani