Sara Bareilles – Careful Confessions

Sara Bareilles 2005 Careful Confessions

On January 20, 2004, Sara Bareilles released her first studio album, Careful Confessions. It was released by the independent label, Tiny Bear Publishing, and yielded no singles. The first seven songs on the album were studio recorded, while the last four where live performances. Fortunately, Careful Confessions did help Sara get recognition in the music world. By early 2005 Sara was in connection with record labels, and on April 15, she had signed a contract with Epic Records. Many of the songs on Careful Confessions ended up being re-recorded for her major label debut, Little Voice. "Gravity," "Love On The Rocks," "One Sweet Love," "Fairytale," "Come Round Soon," and "City" all made it onto Sara's next album, but a few album gems remained hidden. The titular "Responsible" and "Undertow" are two that stand out. Careful Confessions was a promising sign of things to come, and a strong if under-recognized debut. 

Highlights on Careful Confessions include "Responsible," "Love On The Rocks," and "Come Round Soon." 


1 Gravity Sara Bareilles  
2 Undertow Sara Bareilles  
3 Love On The Rocks Sara Bareilles  
4 Responsible Sara Bareilles  
5 One Sweet Love Sara Bareilles  
6 Fairytale Sara Bareilles  
7 Come Round Soon Sara Bareilles  
8 Inside Out (Live) Sara Bareilles  
9 Red (Live) Sara Bareilles  
10 City (Live) Sara Bareilles  
11 My Love (Live) Sara Bareilles