Sara Bareilles – The Blessed Unrest

Sara Bareilles 2013 The Blessed Unrest

For her third major label album (and fourth overall), Sara Bareilles was ready to change things up. The Blessed Unrest, released on July 12, 2013, saw Sara experimenting with new styles and production in addition to her familiar piano soul pop. Songs like "Eden" and "Cassiopeia" are more electronic and storytelling, while songs like "Manhattan" offer the comforting sound of a tearful piano ballad. The album's first single, "Brave," became a huge hit for Sara, peaking at number 23 on the Hot 100. It also spoke to the LGBT community, as it was written about a friend of Sara's being afraid to come out. The second single, "I Choose You," is about being in a happy relationship with someone you love. The Blessed Unrest debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and was nominated for a Grammy award for Album Of The Year. It is a strong and thoroughly enjoyable collection of songs that show Sara Bareilles evolving and refining her talent, as she continues to write music that resonates with people. 

Highlights on The Blessed Unrest include "Cassiopeia," "Little Black Dress," "Hercules," "Eden," "I Choose You," and bonus track "Parking Lot."  


Making The Album


1 Brave Sara Bareilles, Jack Antonoff  
2 Chasing The Sun Sara Bareilles, Jack Antonoff  
3 Hercules Sara Bareilles  
4 Manhattan Sara Bareilles  
5 Satellite Call Sara Bareilles  
6 Little Black Dress Sara Bareilles  
7 Cassiopeia Sara Bareilles  
8 1000 Times Sara Bareilles  
9 I Choose You Sara Bareilles, Jason Blynn, Pete Harper  
10 Eden Sara Bareilles, Matt Hales  
11 Islands Sara Bareilles, Matt Hales  
12 December Sara Bareilles  
13 I Wanna Be Like Me Sara Bareilles iTunes Store Bonus Track
13 Root Down Sara Bareilles Official Site Pre-Order Bonus Track
13 Beautiful Girl Sara Bareilles Target & Japan Edition Bonus Track
14 Parking Lot Sara Bareilles Target & Japan Edition Bonus Track