Something Corporate – Ready… Break

Something Corporate released their debut album, Ready... Break, in September 2000. They recorded with the Coach House Company, and the record was essentially a collection of demos. The band had intended to only record 3-4 demos, but the recording sessions went so well that they ended up with 10 recordings. This album was never commercially released, instead only being sold at their small shows in Southern California. They sold 2500 copies. In 2004, Something Corporate re-released Ready... Break for their online fan club only. The new release included a cardboard sleeve and new artwork. 

Highlights on Ready... Break include "Straw Dog," "Babies Of The 80's," and "Cavanaugh Park."


Something Corporate released no single from Ready... Break.


1 Straw Dog Andrew McMahon  
2 Mulligan Goes To War Andrew McMahon  
3 Drunk Girl Andrew McMahon  
4 Plucked Andrew McMahon  
5 When It Goes Down Andrew McMahon  
6 Babies Of The 80's Andrew McMahon  
7 Cavanaugh Park Andrew McMahon  
8 If I Die Josh Partington  
9 Ben Franklin's Kite Andrew McMahon  
10 Inside The Pocket Andrew McMahon  
11 Konstantine (Live) Andrew McMahon  Hidden Track