Vanessa Carlton – Blue Pool (EP)

Vanessa Carlton 2015 EP Blue Pool

On July 24, 2015, Vanessa Carlton released an EP ahead of her 5th album. The Blue Pool EP includes 4 songs, all of which would later appear on Vanessa's full-length record, Liberman. The first song is the subdued and electronic-influenced "Take It Easy." The song changed quite a bit from the gorgeous piano-led version Vanessa had debuted live a few years earlier. The second song on the EP is the title track, "Blue Pool," which is bookended by swirly piano. Track three is the living room session version of "Operator." The track was originally titled "Moneymaker" and was meant to appear on Vanessa's fourth album, Rabbits On The Run. Luckily Vanessa held onto it, because it's a highlight on the EP. The final song on the EP is the living room session of "Nothing Where Something Used To Be," originally titled "Do It." This is another highlight on the EP. The songs on Blue Pool are a lovely preview Liberman, released in October 2015. 



1 Take It Easy Vanessa Carlton  
2 Blue Pool Vanessa Carlton  
3 Operator (Living Room Session) Vanessa Carlton  
4 Nothing Where Something Used To Be (Living Room Session) Vanessa Carlton