Vanessa Carlton – Heroes & Thieves

After leaving A&M records in 2005, Vanessa Carlton moved to The Inc. Records to release her third album. Heroes & Thieves came out on October 9, 2007, after two years of writing and recording. It was her most critically praised album yet, and a balanced marriage of the uplifting sound of Be Not Nobody with the maturity and depth of Harmonium. Despite dealing with difficult subject matter - breakups, never finding true love, learning how to live on your own - Heroes & Thieves is an overall positive and sweetly melodic album. The first single from the album, "Nolita Fairytale," did well on Adult Top 40 radio; its music video started with a comical recreation of the "A Thousand Miles" video. The second single, "Hands On Me," performed similarly well. In spite of their positive response, the album was, unfortunately, another commercial failure for Vanessa. 

Highlights on Heroes & Thieves include "The One," "Heroes & Thieves," "More Than This," and "Home." 



1 Nolita Fairytale Vanessa Carlton, Stephan Jenkins  
2 Hands On Me Vanessa Carlton, Stephan Jenkins  
3 Spring Street Vanessa Carlton, Linda Perry  
4 My Best Vanessa Carlton  
5 Come Undone Vanessa Carlton, Stephan Jenkins  
6 The One (feat. Stevie Nicks) Vanessa Carlton, Stephan Jenkins, Linda Perry  
7 Heroes & Thieves Vanessa Carlton  
8 This Time Vanessa Carlton, Linda Perry  
9 Fools Like Me Vanessa Carlton  
10 Home Vanessa Carlton, Stephan Jenkins  
11 More Than This Vanessa Carlton  

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