Vanessa Carlton – Rabbits On The Run

Vanessa Carlton released her fourth album, Rabbits On The Run, on July 26, 2011 via Razor & Tie Records. It represented a fairly drastic change in style, one that Vanessa fostered by working with a tight-knit group of people in the English countryside. She chose to record this album entirely to tape, giving it a warm and raw charm. Vanessa also recruited the help of a children's choir, which adds a whole new dimension to her music. The songs sound minimalistic and dreamy, sometimes spooky but always honest. The first single from Rabbits On The Run, and the song from which the album's title is taken, was "Carousel."  The second single was meant to be "I Don't Want To Be A Bride" - a highlight on the album and a fan favorite - but for unknown reasons this never came to pass, unfortunately. Instead, the last single was "Hear The Bells," a somber track about a grave illness Vanessa suffered through. Rabbits On The Run was an independent project that showed a new side of Vanessa that was more down to earth and understated. 

Highlights on Rabbits On The Run include "Tall Tales For Spring," "I Don't Want To Be A Bride," "Fairweather Friend," and "London." 



1 Carousel Vanessa Carlton  
2 I Don't Want To Be A Bride Vanessa Carlton, Ari Ingber, Steve Osborne  
3 London Vanessa Carlton  
4 Fairweather Friend Vanessa Carlton  
5 Hear The Bells Vanessa Carlton  
6 Dear California Vanessa Carlton, Ari Ingber  
7 Tall Tales For Spring Vanessa Carlton  
8 Get Good Vanessa Carlton  
9 The Marching Line Vanessa Carlton  
10 In The End Vanessa Carlton  
11 Tall Tales For Spring (Acoustic) Vanessa Carlton iTunes Deluxe Edition Bonus Track 
12 Carousel (Acoustic) Vanessa Carlton iTunes Deluxe Edition Bonus Track  
13 London (Acoustic) Vanessa Carlton iTunes Deluxe Edition Bonus Track  

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