Avril Lavigne – 6th Studio Album

Album Details

  • Album Title: TBD
  • Release Date: Late 2016 - Early 2017
  • Recording Dates: Fall 2015-Present
  • Status: Writing and recording demos
  • Singles: TBD
Avril Lavigne October 2015 Recording

Making the Album: 2016

Writing the Record: January - April 2016

In January, Avril began recording again:



On January 27th, Avril was writing with Zane Carney:


On March 8th, Avril shared some more updates on her songwriting... and new ability to play mandolin:













In April 2016, Avril went on a trip to the Bahamas. On the way back, she was already working on more song lyrics again:



From July 21st through the end of the month, Avril has posted various Snapchats of her in the studio working on new music. She's once again working with Zane Carney. 

Avril had a lot going on in 2015, especially given her continuing battle with Lyme disease. After dropping a music video for her acclaimed song “Give You What You Like,” releasing an inspirational charity single "Fly," and spreading awareness for Lyme disease, Avril continued to make 2015 even bigger with a role in a new film and a feature on Nick Carter's single, "Get Over Me." With a new single about her health struggles and a (Christmas) album on the horizon, there are plenty of exciting new projects that are coming up in 2016.