Album Details

  • Album Title: III
  • Release Date: July 12, 2019
  • Recording Dates: 2017 - March 2019
  • Lead Single: "Gimme," out 4/29/19
  • Second Single: "Look What You're Doing To Me" feat. Francis & The Lights, out 6/11/19
  • Expected Sound: More fierce and confident than previous albums; similar to "Underdog"
Banks III Album Cover Art

Following the release of her 2016 sophomore album The Altar and a couple of one-off singles in 2017, BANKS was in need of a break. But ever the songwriter, BANKS composed numerous songs during that break, leading to her third album. After months of recording and studio teases, she finished the new album in March 2019.

On April 29th, BANKS dropped "Gimme" as the lead single, with its music video following a month later. On May 24th, she revealed to Billboard that her new album is titled III and will be out on July 12th. BANKS then unveiled the album's cover art on May 30th. On June 11, BANKS released the second single, "Look What You're Doing To Me" featuring Francis & The Lights.

In just one month, we'll get to hear III and all its new songs in full.

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