Green Day – Father Of All Motherfuckers

Album Details

  • Album Title: Father Of All Motherfuckers
  • Release Date: February 7, 2020
  • Writing Dates: Late 2018 - Summer 2019
  • Lead Single: "Father Of All...," out 9/10/2019
  • Second Single: "Fire, Ready, Aim," out 10/9/2019
  • Third Single: "Oh Yeah!," out 1/16/2020
  • Tracklisting:
    • Father Of All…
    • Fire, Ready, Aim
    • Oh Yeah!
    • Meet Me On The Roof
    • I Was A Teenage Teenager
    • Stab You In The Heart
    • Sugar Youth
    • Junkies On A High
    • Take The Money And Crawl
    • Grafitia
  • Expected Sound: Lots of falsetto; dirty, loose dance punk; short songs; polarizing sound
  • Producer: Butch Walker
  • Record Label: Reprise Records
Green Day Father Of All album cover

Following their second greatest hits album, Green Day is entering the third stage of their career. Stage one - their (mostly 1990s) short, fast punk phase came to a close after Warning when they released International Superhits! Stage two was their epic revival, starting with American Idiot and ending with Revolution Radio. Now, after sharing God's Favorite Band in November 2017, Green Day is ready for a new era.

In typical Green Day fashion, the band members have each gone down separate projects in the interim. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong formed a band called The Longshot, releasing their album Love Is For Losers in April 2018. Drummer Tré Cool has been busy with his family; he and wife Sara Rose just had a baby boy, Mickey, at the end of 2018. But by 2019, it was coming time to make a new Green Day album.

In December 2018, Billie Joe Armstrong confirmed he was writing new songs for Green Day. There was no word on the direction for the new music yet, or when we might hear some of it, or even when the band were ready to begin officially recording. Rumors abounded throughout spring and summer 2019, but exact details remained elusive.

Then, on September 10, 2019, Green Day joined Fall Out Boy and Weezer for a series of huge announcements: First, the three bands revealed their upcoming Hella Mega tour, taking them around the world in spring and summer 2020. Each band also released a new song and announced an album. For Green Day, it was the release of "Father Of All...," the title track from their upcoming album, Father Of All Motherfuckers, due February 7, 2020. In a series of interviews, Green Day stated it would be their shortest album to date - 10 songs coming in at a total of 26 minutes - and their last with Reprise Records, who released everything from Dookie onwards.

And of course, rumors have continued to swirl, now in regards to a possible second album coming out later in 2020. And truth be told, Green Day has done nothing to dispel those rumors. They themselves have suggested they might release music faster once they're independent.

On October 9th, Green Day released a second song, "Fire, Ready, Aim." It came in partnership with the NHL.

In January 2020, Green Day announced their third single, "Oh Yeah!," and confirmed the album's 10-song tracklisting. On January 16th, "Oh Yeah!" came out along with a music video.

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