Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Album Details

  • Album Title: Chemtrails Over The Country Club
  • Release Date: March 19, 2021
  • Recording Dates: 2019 - Summer 2020
  • Writing Dates: 2019 - Summer 2020
  • First Single: "Let Me Love You Like A Woman," out 10/16/20
  • Second Single: "Chemtrails Over The Country Club," out 1/11/21
  • Official Tracklist:
  • Other Known Songs:
    • "Dealer"
  • Expected Sound: Folk and country sounds, midwestern
  • Expected Themes: Friendship, romantic relationships, political and social issues, personal development
  • Collaborators: Jack Antonoff

The same day Lana Del Rey released her last album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, in August 2019, she was already talking about her next record. At the time, Lana stated her next album - due in 2020 - would be called White Hot Forever. More recently, in May 2020, Lana stated that the album is now called Chemtrails Over The Country Club. She added that it is due out on September 5th, although as that's a Saturday, we suspect it may actually come out on September 4th.

We don't know much else just yet. It seems that the song "White Hot Forever" will still be on the album. Lana has also mentioned a song called "Tulsa Jesus Freak," which she previewed in early August 2020.

On September 1st, Lana shared a video from the set of a new music video. She was shooting a video for the album's title track, "Chemtrails Over The Country Club," but also revealed that we'd hear a song called "Let Me Love You Like A Woman" first. Lana said her album is coming "soon," which implied that it has been pushed back to fall 2020.

That same month, Jack Antonoff interviewed Lana for the September issue of Interview Magazine. Their conversation revealed a lot about the new album, from its folk, country, and "midwestern" style to the names of a few more songs on the album. "White Dresses/Waitress" is the defining moment of the album, while "Dealer" may be added to the tracklist for another defining moment.

On October 16th, Lana released "Let Me Love You Like A Woman" as the first single, with a music video accompanying it.

On January 11, 2021, Lana released the title track along with an official music video. She also confirmed the album's release date as March 19th, revealed the full tracklist, and shared the album's cover art.

Keep checking back here for more on Lana's upcoming album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club. It's officially coming out on March 19th!