Natasha Bedingfield – 4th Studio Album: 2012-2013

Album Details

  • Album Title: The Next Chapter (?)
  • Release Date: Early-mid 2019
  • Recording Dates: April 2018 - January 2019 (Previously: March 2012 - Late 2017)
  • Status: Finished recording album in January 2019; all new songs written with Linda Perry; previous session songs may have been scrapped
  • Known Song Titles:
    • "Roller Skate"
    • "Me Around You"
    • "Can't Look Away"
    • "Everybody Come Together"
    • "Feel You In My Life"
    • "Hey Poppa"
    • "It Could Be Love"
    • "Kick It"
    • "King Of The World"
    • "No Man I See"
    • "Party Bus"
    • "Real Love"
    • "Sweet Nothing"
    • "Ten To Zero"
    • "Were We Going Now"
    • "Wishful Thinking"
  • Expected Style: "Disco-retro vibe"; 1970s style; soulful
  • Expected Themes: Love, motherhood, empowerment, social issues
  • Collaborators: Linda Perry, TROY NoKA, Julianne Hough, Angel Haze
Natasha Bedingfield Fourth Album

Making The Album: 2012-2013

March - April 2012: First Mentions of Next Album

In March 2012, Style Bistro published an exclusive interview with Natasha Bedingfield. Although the majority of the questions focused on Natasha's fashion and style, they did also ask her about upcoming projects. In addition to her movie debut in Russian Winter, Natasha also mentioned that she was working on some new music:

I'm working on my new album, so I'm in the creative mode right now. So expect to hear new stuff from me and see some new looks I'm working on. I've got a really creative team around me, photo shoots and writing, it's just the most awesome time where anything can happen.

She kept quiet about her new music for the next few months, but by the summer there was more momentum for her forthcoming fourth record.


In The Studio: July - October 2012

Natasha worked on her album through the summer and fall of 2012, and she shared occasional studio updates as she went. Here are some of her behind-the-scenese Instagram photos from the making of her 4th album:


"Between The Raindrops"

In September, Natasha fans got a taste of new music in the form of a new duet. Natasha teamed up with Lifehouse for the band's lead single from their 6th album, Almería. "Between The Raindrops" was released on September 1, 2012, with the music video following on November 9th. The video, which was shot in October, featured the band and Natasha along with gorgeous white horses. The song has a rustic sound, a slight departure for both artists. Lifehouse's album came out on December 11, 2012.


December 2012: VH1 Divas Interview About New Music & Themes

On December 18, 2012, Natasha attended the VH1 Divas Concert. Before performing, she did some interviews on the red carpet, and she had some big announcements. She said that her album was almost done, and even promised some collaborations:

My album is like really nearly finished. I've been in the studio all week - all year, sorry! All year. I feel like someone who's just freshly in love, because this new music is giving me that glow. And you know when you know, you know? I think with songwriting you just write until you know this is the album, this is the music, this is me. The new me.

When asked about who she worked with, Natasha said, "You can definitely expect collaborations, because that's what I do." She declined to give any hints though. That would have to wait until the album was announced. Natasha also talked about how the record would sound:

It's gonna be just very now. It's gonna be what we all need to hear right now. I can't even tell you what style, you know. But the songs are gonna be very me. It will be a new thing, but you'll still know that it's me. It's not gonna be auto-tuned. It's gonna be real.

Watch the full interview for more updates:


In The Studio: January - February 2013

By early 2013, Natasha was back in the studio and excited to share updates on the process. She took to Instagram to introduce fans to her collaborators and give them an inside look at an album's recording process.


Grammys Interview About the New Album

Natasha attended the 2013 Grammys, which were held on Sunday, February 10th. Interviewers caught up with her and asked her about the new album. Natasha confirmed that the album will be out "Very soon, I'm actually in the studio right now. And my music's about to come out. It's just any day now!"

When asked about a new single, she cryptically said that "it's all very top secret right now. I'm not allowed to say anything." She added, "I like it and that's the most important thing."

She also tip-toed around describing the new music's style. She said, "it's definitely an evolution," before adding:

I have in love feelings right now, because I'm in love with my music. I just feel very happy, and that's when you know you're on a good thing. Just keep digging until you feel that feeling, and then you know that you have something.

She recorded mostly in L.A., London, and Sweden. She also said, "I'm the main producer. At the moment."

For the time being things were still top secret, but it sounded like her new album would be out very soon. Check out the full interview below:

After the Grammys, Natasha was back in the studio and shared a few more updates on Instagram:


Another Interview: "Uncovering Some Gems"

Natasha was in Australia for the Hair Fashion Awards in April 2013, and had time for another quick interview. She spoke about recording her new album:

It's going so well, it's gonna be my best album yet. I've been really not leaving the studio because I'm so wrapped up and in love with what I'm making at the moment. I think I'm uncovering some gems. It's gonna be very soulful, and also just another level edge-wise. You're still gonna recognize that it's me… but you might not.

Soulful and edgy sounds like a great new direction for Natasha!


Studio Updates: May 2013

Natasha shared more studio updates on Instagram in May 2013:


"I Like You"

In June 2013, Natasha Bedingfield participated in a TED Global talk as part of their "Exquisite Enigmatic Us" series. She had previously studied psychology before her pop career took off, so she was a perfect fit for the TED Talks. As a TED blog revealed, Natasha played "These Words" before debuting a newly written song called "I Like You." She described the idea behind the song:

They say "love the one you’re with," but liking the one you’re with is harder. If you like the one you’re with, hold onto them tight.

Natasha ended her set with "Unwritten."

Unfortunately, no videos of her performance - particularly that of "I Like You" - exist. Hopefully "I Like You" will eventually be released on Natasha's 4th studio album.

Natasha Bedingfeld TED 2013



"Everything Changes"

In July 2013, a previously unheard Natasha Bedingfield song leaked onto the internet. However, "Everything Changes" was not a new song from her impending 4th album. Rather, it was a leftover from Strip Me. It has a laid-back sound that lets you know that although things change and nothing lasts forever, she hopes that her love will be. It's a nice song, and a great throwback to her 2010 record.


In The Studio: August - September 2013

Natasha continued working on her album in the summer and fall of 2013. As fans had come to expect, she shared plenty of studio photos on Instagram:


Song Titles On ASCAP: October 2013

In late October 2013, seven new song titles were registered on ASCAP and BMI. They are presumably new tracks that could appear on Natasha's next album.

  • Best Summer – Natasha Bedingfield, Toby Gad, Alonzo Mario Stevenson
  • Dream Big – Natasha Bedingfield, Toby Gad
  • In My Imagination – Natasha Bedingfield, Michael Anthony Mobley, Brian Kennedy Seals
  • My Heart – Natasha Bedingfield, Toby Gad, Colbie Caillat
  • Pity The Poor Man – Natasha Bedingfield, David Saw, Carly Simon, Ben Taylor
  • Rocket Science – Natasha Bedingfield, Michael A. Elizondo
  • Unicorn – Natasha Bedingfield, Toby Gad, Jef Martens


In The Studio: November - December 2013

As 2013 came to a close, Natasha gifted fans with some more studio photos: