Natasha Bedingfield – 4th Studio Album: 2016

Album Details

  • Album Title: The Next Chapter (?)
  • Release Date: Early-mid 2019
  • Recording Dates: April 2018 - January 2019 (Previously: March 2012 - Late 2017)
  • Status: Finished recording album in January 2019; all new songs written with Linda Perry; previous session songs may have been scrapped
  • Known Song Titles:
    • "Roller Skate"
    • "Me Around You"
    • "Can't Look Away"
    • "Everybody Come Together"
    • "Feel You In My Life"
    • "Hey Poppa"
    • "It Could Be Love"
    • "Kick It"
    • "King Of The World"
    • "No Man I See"
    • "Party Bus"
    • "Real Love"
    • "Sweet Nothing"
    • "Ten To Zero"
    • "Were We Going Now"
    • "Wishful Thinking"
  • Expected Style: "Disco-retro vibe"; 1970s style; soulful
  • Expected Themes: Love, motherhood, empowerment, social issues
  • Collaborators: Linda Perry, TROY NoKA, Julianne Hough, Angel Haze
Natasha Bedingfield Fourth Album

Making The Album: 2016

Back To The Studio

On January 5, 2016, Natasha was back in the studio again. This time she was working with her original team of writers.

In studio again ! So happy . Writing with my original team who I wrote some of my best songs with . #thesewords #single #wildhorses #ibruiseeasily #trickyangel #frogsandprinces #piratebones

Surprise Project: "Unicorn"

On January 12th, Natasha revealed on Instagram that she’d filmed a video for a “surprise project.” Very exciting! What’s more, she included the hashtag #unicorn. Does that little clue mean a new song? Back in October 2013, a new song title appeared on ASCAP called “Unicorn” – Natasha had written it with Toby Gad and Jef Martens. Could the song “Unicorn” be part of this special project?

Did a special video shoot today for a surprise project. So excited! #unicorn #? ?@xoxohadas

It was later confirmed that the song is a collaboration with the musician Basto (part of Lazy Jay) - aka the co-writer, Jef Martens. "Unicorn" is his newest single and it features Natasha.

'If you're lonely cos there's no one the same, you're not the only one who's feeling this way...'@bastomusic ?: @xoxohadas #unicorn #?

Unicorns are real! ✨?@bastomusic #unicorn

On January 21st, Basto shared a preview of "Unicorn" on his SoundCloud:


"Unicorn" is Released Along With a Music Video

On February 22nd, Natasha and Basto's song "Unicorn" was finally released in full along with a music video. The song combines Basto’s electro house sound with Natasha’s uplifting lyrics. Her voice is light and free, and if not for the different musical direction, it’s a song that would have fit right in on her previous albums. The music video focuses on Natasha – looking magical thanks to lots of glitter, metallic clothes, and a sparkling cape – as she dances in an open field. She’s eventually joined by three other girls before the music video’s end. Listen to “Unicorn” in the music video below:

You can pre-order “Unicorn” on iTunes now, ahead of a March 4th release. With any luck, this may signal the start of Natasha's new album era. Will "Unicorn" appear on the album? When will the record be released? Hopefully we'll get some concrete information in the next few months.

Studio Updates: February - May 2016