OK Go – 5th Studio Album

Album Details

  • Album Title: TBA
  • Release Date: Late 2020 / early 2021
  • Recording Dates: 2018 - Present
  • Writing Dates: 2018 - Present
  • Standalone Single: "All Together Now," released 5/13/2020
  • Lead Single: TBD
  • Expected Sound:
  • Expected Themes: Relationships, family, children, political and social issues, pandemic, personal development
  • Collaborators:
OK Go pink 2014

OK Go released their last album, Hungry Ghosts, in October 2014, but its single and video output continued for over three years, ending with "Obsession" in November 2017. Since then, the band has been fairly quiet, at least in terms of new music. They've kept busy with other projects, including the launch of learning platform OK Go Sandbox, directing commercials, and partnering with Mercedes-Benz to create life-changing art.

They've worked on music behind the scenes over the past couple of years, but have kept most of their progress hidden so far. What we do know is that they will put out new music - and a full album - soon enough.

Our first taste of new music came with "All Together Now" in May 2020. The band wrote it during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, frontman Damian Kulash - and his wife and twin children - had COVID-19 early in the pandemic, and have fortunately made full recoveries. Proceeds from the song go to charities helping those impacted by Coronavirus.

It's unclear if "All Together Now" will just be a standalone single or if it will ultimately appear on OK Go's forthcoming album. There's no formal news yet on the new album, but we anticipate more information within the coming months.