Avril Lavigne – Unreleased Songs

Avril Lavigne Lullaby

Avril Lavigne - Unreleased Songs

Basic info about all of Avril Lavigne's known song titles and leaked demos.
A Little Bit Of LoveAvril Lavigne2013Google Hangout, 8/5/2013
Afraid I Might Find Another GuyUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
All Because Of YouStudio (Puffy)Under My Skin2004ASCAP, HFA
All You Will Never KnowDemoLet Go2002ASCAP, Copyright
Break It So GoodDemo sung with Lauren Christy (leaked on February 14, 2019)Head Above Water2018
BreakawayStudio (Kelly Clarkson); Demo (Avril Lavigne)Let Go2001ASCAPLeaked 3/31/14
By The Light Of The MoonLet Go2002BMI
Can’t Stop Thinking Of You1998Toronto radio Interview, 2002
CandyInstrumental DemoGoodbye Lullaby2011
Complete MeInstrumental DemoGoodbye Lullaby2011ASCAPChanged to “Hello Heartache”?
Dancing CrazyStudio (Miranda Cosgrave)Goodbye Lullaby2010ASCAP, Copyright
DaydreamPartial Demo; Studio (Miranda Cosgrave); Live (Demi Lovato)Under My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
Don’t Fuck This UpAvril Lavigne2013ASCAP, HFA
Don’t Mind MeLet Go2002BMI
Don't StopDemo (leaked on February 14, 2019)Head Above Water2018
EchoAvril Lavigne2012HFA
Face To FaceLet Go2002ASCAP
Fall BackUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
Fall Into The SkyUnder My Skin2005ASCAP, Copyright
Falling Into HistoryDemo; Studio (Brie Larson)Let Go2002 BMI
FineGoodbye Lullaby2009Rolling Stone interview, 2009
GoneInstrumental DemoGoodbye Lullaby2009
Got Me BadThe Best Damn Thing2007HFA
HeadacheUnder My Skin2004ASCAP
HeadsetDemoLet Go2002
Hold Onto YouUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
I Don’t Wanna BeStudio (Puffy)Under My Skin2004HFA
I Want What I Want [Cover of 1997 Lauren Christy song]Demo (leaked on February 14, 2019)Head Above Water2018
I’ve Known All My LifeUnder My Skin2004HFA
If I Said I Loved YouAvril Lavigne2013People interview; Performed with Chad at their wedding, 2013
It’s Not EnoughUnder My Skin2004Copyright
It’s Not OKAvril Lavigne2012HFA
It’s Not OverUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
In TouchDemo (leaked on February 14, 2019)Head Above Water2017ASCAP
Kick And ShoutUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
Leave Here A Little WhileUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
Let GoDemoLet Go2002ASCAP, Copyright
Love Like A ChildLet Go2002US Copyright
Lucky OnesHead Above Water2017HFA (registered on October 1, 2017)
Make UpDemoLet Go2002BMI
Move Your Little Self OnDemoLet Go2002
Next TimeLet Go2002ASCAP
Not Gonna RunUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, CopyrightIntro during Bonez Tour
Not The Only OneDemoLet Go2002ASCAP, Copyright
Once And For RealDemoLet Go2002ASCAP, Copyright
Our Little Secret [My Little Secret]Avril Lavigne2012HFA
Photo HuntLet Go2002ASCAP
PricelessUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
Running From YourselfThe Best Damn Thing2005ASCAP, Copyright
Show Me HowUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
Sitting Here (Have No Friends)Under My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
StayThe Best Damn Thing2007BMI
Stay – Be The OneDemoLet Go2002ASCAP, Copyright
Take Me AwayDemoLet Go2002ASCAP
Think About ItDemoLet Go2002
That Kinda GuyLet Go2002ASCAP
This Must Be LoveAvril Lavigne2012HFA
This One’s For YouAvril Lavigne2013BMI, HFA
Time Goes ByAvril Lavigne2012BMI; HFA
Tomorrow You Didn’tDemoLet Go2002
Too Many TimesUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
Twist Of Fate [When Will This Be Over]The Best Damn Thing2007BMI
Understand MeUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
What Would You Be For MeUnder My Skin2004ASCAP, Copyright
What Would You SayAvril Lavigne2013ASCAP, HFA
When Will This Be Over [Twist Of Fate]The Best Damn Thing2007ASCAP
Won’t Let You GoDemoThe Best Damn Thing2007ASCAP, Copyright
You Got MeThe Best Damn Thing2007ASCAP; BMI
You Never Satisfy MeDemoLet Go2002

6 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne – Unreleased Songs

  • January 2, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    sorry can someone tell me what makes them demos? i already heard 10 or more songs from this list…

    • January 2, 2016 at 1:09 pm

      A demo is an early recording that’s usually used as a reference before an artist records the official version of a song. All the songs you heard on this list are probably demos, but those recordings were not mastered to be used on the actual album. When Avril records an album, she often has at least a few demo tracks that she ends up not using on the album. Sometimes those demos leak, but usually not. We count them as “unreleased” because they were not officially released for purchase, and usually were not actually meant to be heard at all, at least not in their incomplete form. Hopefully someday we’ll get to hear more of the songs on this list!

      You can read more about demos here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demo_(music)

  • January 21, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Yea its a shame a lot of stuff is never to see the light of day. people would enjoy this stuff but who knows. you would think in this day and age songs would be put out over the web for fans at least to hear there artist and maybe pay a little fee. Its not like its the 60,70,80,0r even the 90. the platforms are out there

    • January 31, 2017 at 9:22 pm

      Completely agree with you. There’s so much amazing music that fans don’t get to hear. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the artists to release some more of these songs, even as digital-only EPs for fans? Hopefully someday we’ll get to hear it all.


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