Vanessa Carlton – Unreleased Songs

Vanessa Carlton - Unreleased Songs

Basic info about all of Vanessa Carlton's leaked demos, live recordings, and known song titles.
All I AskDemoDemo Tape; Rinse1999, 2000BMI, HFA, Copyright
All Is WellLiveHeroes & Thieves2006BMI, HFA, Copyright
AmeriteenLiveBe Not Nobody2001
Best BehaviorLiveHeroes & Thieves2006BMI, HFA
BirdieLiveBe Not Nobody2000
BurdenDemoDemo Tape1999
Dark Carnival [Carnival]DemoSpy Hunter 2 (Video Game); Rinse2003, 2000BMI, Copyright
Devil DanceDemoDemo Tape1999
FacesDemoDemo Tape1999
High KingHarmonium2004BMI, HFA
Home SongHeroes & Thieves2007HFA
InterludeRinse2000HFA, Copyright
It’s NowBe Not Nobody2002BMI, HFA
JadisHarmonium2004BMI, HFA
Last FallDemoDemo Tape1999
Little MaryDemoDemo Tape1999
Meggie SueDemoDemo Tape1999
MoneymakerRabbits On The Run2010Twitter; It's possible that this was released as "Operator" on the Liberman album in 2015
Morning StingHarmonium2004
Ordinary DaysDemoDemo Tape1999
Secret DoorHarmonium2004BMI, HFA
Summer Child [Tuesday]Be Not Nobody2002BMI, HFA
SuperheroDemoRinse2000BMI, HFA, Copyright
UnderneathBe Not Nobody2002BMI, HFA
WaitingBMI, HFA
Wave GoodbyeHeroes & Thieves2007BMI, HFA
WonderDemoDemo Tape1999

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