Vanessa Carlton – Unreleased Songs

Vanessa Carlton - Unreleased Songs

Basic info about all of Vanessa Carlton's leaked demos, live recordings, and known song titles.
All I AskBMI, HFA, CopyrightDemo1999, 2000Demo Tape; Rinse
All Is WellBMI, HFA, CopyrightLive2006Heroes & Thieves
AmeriteenLive2001Be Not Nobody
Best BehaviorBMI, HFALive2006Heroes & Thieves
BirdieLive2000Be Not Nobody
BurdenDemo1999Demo Tape
Dark Carnival [Carnival]BMI, CopyrightDemo2003, 2000Spy Hunter 2 (Video Game); Rinse
Devil DanceDemo1999Demo Tape
FacesDemo1999Demo Tape
High KingBMI, HFA2004Harmonium
Home SongHFA2007Heroes & Thieves
InterludeHFA, Copyright2000Rinse
It’s NowBMI, HFA2002Be Not Nobody
JadisBMI, HFA2004Harmonium
Last FallDemo1999Demo Tape
Little MaryDemo1999Demo Tape
Meggie SueDemo1999Demo Tape
MoneymakerTwitter2010Rabbits On The Run
Morning Sting2004Harmonium
Ordinary DaysDemo1999Demo Tape
Secret DoorBMI, HFA2004Harmonium
Summer Child [Tuesday]BMI, HFA2002Be Not Nobody
SuperheroBMI, HFA, CopyrightDemo2000Rinse
UnderneathBMI, HFA2002Be Not Nobody
WaitingBMI, HFA
Wave GoodbyeBMI, HFA2007Heroes & Thieves
WonderDemo1999Demo Tape

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