Ghost – Fifth Studio Album

Album Details

  • Album Title: TBA
  • Release Date: Early 2021
  • Recording Dates: Early 2020 – Present
  • Writing Dates: 2019 – 2020
  • Lead Single: TBA
  • Expected Sound:
  • Expected Themes: Satan, religion, death
  • Collaborators:
Ghost 2018 Prequelle - Faith -- winter

In early 2020, Ghost entered the studio to begin recording their fifth studio album. They kept quiet most of the year, but in an October interview Tobias Forge did with VK, he confirmed that a new album is coming in winter 2021!

Tobias didn’t say what themes the album will focus in on, but he did say what it will not be about:

I have already made a record about God’s wrath and doomsday, even if Prequelle was not about just infection from a medical perspective. But I have a feeling that there will be plenty of doomsday and quarantine-confirming records in the future, and I think I might not participate in it.

We can’t wait to hear Ghost’s new album this winter! Stay tuned for news about singles, the album title, tracklisting, and a locked down release date. We’re sure to have exciting details in the coming months.