Of Monsters And Men – 4th Studio Album

Album Details

  • Album Title: TBA
  • Release Date: Early 2021
  • Recording Dates: Early 2020 - Present
  • Writing Dates: Early 2020 - Present
  • Lead Single: "Visitor," released 9/9/2020
  • Expected Sound:
  • Expected Themes: Relationships, family, personal development
  • Collaborators:
Of Monsters And Men - Visitor - 2020 lyric video

On September 9, 2020, Of Monsters And Men released a new song called "Visitor," sharing a music video (filmed shortly before the pandemic) along with it. But apparently, this isn't just a standalone single: The band has revealed that they have “a body of work coming at the top of 2021 in celebration of the group’s tenth anniversary together.” Ooh!

According to the band’s press release:

The single sets the stage for 2021 when the band will celebrate 10 years of being together with more new music and other exciting content for fans. It brings everything full circle for the band with a bold new body of work.

It’s only been a year since Of Monsters And Men released their excellent third album, Fever Dream. That record launched the singles “Alligator,” “Wild Roses,” and “Wars.”

At this point, it seems that “Visitor” is our first taste of a lot more to come. Get ready for a full album in early 2021!