Kelly Clarkson – 8th Studio Album

Album Details

  • Album Title: TBD
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Writing Dates: 2018 - Present
  • Recording Dates: January 2019 - Present
  • Teaser Single: "I Dare You," released April 16, 2020
  • Expected Sound: Personal; Emotional; Mixture of Breakaway, Stronger, and Meaning Of Life albums; pop-rock but still soulful; mystery duet comparable to Meaning Of Life
  • Expected Themes: Divorce; heartbreak; lyrical themes going from the beginning of a relationship to its end;
  • Anticipated Songs:
    • "Rock Hudson"
    • "Something New"
    • "Step Up"
    • (unknown song by Brynn Cartelli)
    • (some of the 60 songs Kelly's written since filing for divorce)
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In 2017, Kelly Clarkson released her 7th studio album, Meaning Of Life. Her first with her new label, Atlantic Records, the album demonstrated a much more soulful style in contrast to her previous work in the pop-rock realm.

Early in 2019, Kelly was already working on her next album, also with Atlantic. So far, she's squeezed in studio time between her many other projects - The Voice, preparing her own talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show, hosting the Billboard Music Awards, starring as Moxy in the animated film UglyDolls, recording several songs for its soundtrack... her list of jobs is endless! Nonetheless, Kelly has already made progress on what will be her 8th studio album (Wrapped In Red and her greatest hits compilations notwithstanding).

In May 2019, Kelly revealed that her new album sounds "as if Meaning Of Life and Breakaway and Stronger had a baby. Like all three of those albums had a baby. It’s a little bit more pop, but it’s still got the soulful stuff in there." Kelly's not coming to play! There was previously speculation that she'd finally release the country album she's been promising for over a decade, but apparently that will still have to wait. We love pop-rock and soulful Kelly, so we're happy with the direction she's currently going in.

Two song titles have already surfaced online, though it's unclear if they're meant for her album: "Something New" and "Step Up."

Throughout early 2020, fans anticipated Kelly's new single, among her "favorite songs" of her career. It was registered online as "I Dare You To Love."

Finally, on April 2nd, Kelly announced that "I Dare You" would be released on April 16th. It's out now, and comes in six versions: the solo English version sung entirely by Kelly, plus five duet versions, each song in the featured artist's native language. Kelly has said it's a standalone single, so it may not appear on her upcoming album.

Despite the quarantine due to COVID-19, Kelly has stated she is still actively working on her album. She's been writing a lot, and has been recording in her home studio in Montana. She may finish recording there during the self-isolation.

In June 2020, news broke that Kelly had filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock, her husband of nearly seven years. She hasn't spoken much about the divorce itself, but has admitted to it being a very hard time for her. Naturally, this will come up in her new music. It's possible the divorce may have completely changed the album's direction. In a new interview done on September 14th, Kelly described the "personal" and emotional new music.

That fall, Kelly released two standalone holiday songs: "Under The Mistletoe" with country singer Brett Eldredge, and a cover of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," originally by Vince Vance & the Valiants. In January 2021, Kelly appeared in another duet, this time with The Voice winner Jake Hoot on his single, "I Would've Loved You."

In December 2020, while talking to Garth Brooks on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly revealed a new song title: "Rock Hudson," which references her 2015 song, "Piece By Piece." We can't wait to hear this one!

By February 2021, Kelly revealed she'd written about 60 songs for the new album since beginning divorce proceedings. She'd been inspired and busy! We expect we'll hear several of those on the upcoming record. Maybe Kelly can even do a double album? Please?

Divorce proceedings throughout 2021 delayed the album, but Kelly still gifted fans some new music: a Christmas album! On September 23rd, Kelly released "Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You)," the first single from her new holiday album, When Christmas Comes Around..., due out on October 15th. With that, it seems that the rest of this year is accounted for.

Kelly's (secular) new album is expected sometime in 2022.

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  • September 23, 2021 at 2:56 am

    I think it´s safe to say this album will only come out in 2022 due to her second Christmas album coming in October.

    • September 27, 2021 at 10:18 pm

      Yep! With the Christmas album, there’s no way Kelly’s other album will be out until after the holidays. 2022 it is!


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