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Crossfade released their 3rd album, We All Bleed, in June 2011. This record was quite different from their first two, for a few reasons. It had been half a decade since their previous album, Falling Away, came out in 2006. In that long gap, Crossfade was dropped from the major record label, sending frontman Ed Sloan into a depression. It wasn’t until Les Hall joined the band that things got going again. Les helped his longtime friend Ed get out of his slump and back into music. Les became the second guitarist for Crossfade, but he also brought a lot of musical influence and helped changed the band’s sound.

We All Bleed is a darker album than Crossfade’s first two releases. Not that the band was ever light and happy. But this record went deeper, with bigger guitar solos, eery pianos, and more revealing lyrics about depression and addiction. The album is a masterpiece, and a great comeback after the band’s musical break after 2006.

Now they are getting ready to release their 4th album. The band still includes Ed Sloan, Les Hall, and bassist Mitch James, just like with their last album. So far, the band has always gotten better with each record, so this next album should be amazing.


Early Beginnings

The first suggestion of new Crossfade music came in fall 2013. On October 9th, guitarist Les Hall shared a picture of an “in the works tune” (via Ableton) on Facebook:

In responses to fans’ comments, Crossfade revealed a bit more about the new music. When asked if a new album was in the works, Les confirmed with “of course YO!” He also stated that the new album would be out at some point in 2014.

In November, Les took to Twitter to call for some political action… and also mentioned the new Crossfade album they were working on:

They followed the same tactic in December, but this time for personal – rather than political – reasons:

In this case, they simply needed some more space in order to send their huge music files to one another as they worked on the album from different states. So they didn’t lie: With their fans’ help, they would be able to make the new music faster!


Album Wrap Up & Vocals for Emotional New Songs

The band was quiet for the rest of the winter, but in late spring they were getting ready to finish the new album!

On June 1, 2014, singer Ed Sloan responded a fan’s question on Twitter:

On June 30th, Ed went to Facebook to talk about the new Crossfade songs. From the sounds of things, the new music is very personal and emotional – it comes from the heart, and that’s the best kind of music!

They also promised a tour would be coming soon – probably around the album’s release.


Promised Music

On August 10th, Ed was on Facebook again – this time teasing new songs!

After the overwhelming positive response, he updated with a promise:

His timeline was a bit off. Crossfade didn’t share any music or more news that week. Nevertheless, new music is just around the corner!

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    2022 and still no new music from these guys…a true shame


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