Natasha Bedingfield – 4th Studio Album: 2015

Album Details

  • Album Title: The Next Chapter (?)
  • Release Date: Early-mid 2019
  • Recording Dates: April 2018 - January 2019 (Previously: March 2012 - Late 2017)
  • Status: Finished recording album in January 2019; all new songs written with Linda Perry; previous session songs may have been scrapped
  • Known Song Titles:
    • "Roller Skate"
    • "Me Around You"
    • "Can't Look Away"
    • "Everybody Come Together"
    • "Feel You In My Life"
    • "Hey Poppa"
    • "It Could Be Love"
    • "Kick It"
    • "King Of The World"
    • "No Man I See"
    • "Party Bus"
    • "Real Love"
    • "Sweet Nothing"
    • "Ten To Zero"
    • "Were We Going Now"
    • "Wishful Thinking"
  • Expected Style: "Disco-retro vibe"; 1970s style; soulful
  • Expected Themes: Love, motherhood, empowerment, social issues
  • Collaborators: Linda Perry, TROY NoKA, Julianne Hough, Angel Haze
Natasha Bedingfield Fourth Album

Making The Album: 2015

Previews of "Hope" and Behind-The-Scenes Videos

On January 2, 2015, barely into the new year, Natasha shared a preview of her new song. Go over to the official philosophy website to hear the first minute of “Hope.”

“Hope” is a song about women’s mental health and wellness, and is a collaboration with philosophy, a beauty brand committed to supporting community-based mental health organizations. It is part of their new program, the hope & grace initiative. As they say on their website, “Hope” is “dedicated to those who could use a little hope in their lives.”

Natasha described what “Hope” means to her:

My song “Hope” is about how powerful hope is. Share your hope with those in your life when they just need a little. We all need to be reminded sometimes of how even the darkest nights become bright mornings. Let’s be there for each other to bring renewed hope when its needed. Don’t underestimate the empowerment hope can bring.

Philosophy also shared some behind-the-scenes videos about the new song and Natasha’s collaboration with them. In this first video, Natasha talks about her favorite part of “Hope” (hint: you can hear it in the preview now!) -

Natasha also explained what inspired her to write “Hope” -

You can check out two more exclusive videos in which Natasha talks about why mental health is so important and her collaboration with philosophy.



On January 6, 2015, Natasha officially debuted "Hope." It’s an inspiring, mid-tempo track, and you can hear it in full now:

Natasha shared her own thoughts on “Hope” a few days prior as well:

The song became available for download on iTunes a week later, on January 13th.

On January 14th, Natasha shared the music video for “Hope.” It includes handwritten messages and images from her fans and the philosophy community, each with their own message of hope. You can watch the music video below:

“Hope” is available on iTunes now, and 20% of the proceeds with go to the hope & grace initiative, an unending commitment by wellbeing beauty brand philosophy to support community-based mental health organizations. Natasha wrote “Hope” with Matt Robinson, David Saw, and Ryan Freeman, and is meant to empower women and lift the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Natasha Bedingfield Hope


Studio Updates (January - July 2015)

Natasha continued working on new music in the new year after "Hope" was released. Her album was still in progress, and she shared fans in the journey still:



Small Feature On Big Sean's "One Man Can Change The World"

In June 2015, Natasha revealed that her vocals appeared on a new rap song. It turns out she had uncredited vocals on Big Sean's new single, "One Man Can Change The World." The the song was released on his February album, Dark Sky Paradise, then became a single in June. You have to listen closely to hear Natasha's background vocals.



Stanfour Featuring Natasha Bedingfield: "Power Games"

At the beginning of July, another collaboration was revealed: Natasha sings on a new single called "Power Games" from the German band, Stanfour. Natasha wrote the song back in 2010, originally expected on her album Strip Me. Instead, Natasha saved the song and ended up giving to to Stanfour - on the condition that she sing on it the track too.

They filmed a music video for "Power Games," and Natasha shared some previews on Instagram:




On August 14th, the "Power Games" video was released:


"Love Song To The Earth" Officially Released

On September 4, 2015 - a full year after Natasha premiered "Love Song To The Earth" live - it was finally released in studio quality…. with a little help from her friends! Joining Natasha Bedingfield are more than a dozen well-known artists: Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Leona Lewis, Colbie Caillat, Sean Paul, Johnny Rzeznik, Krewella, Angélique Kidjo, Kelsea Ballerini, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Grimmie, Victoria Justice, and Q'orianka Kilcher are all featured.

As the official "Love Song To The Earth" website states:

Some of the world’s biggest names in music have joined voices to inspire real action on climate change, and to support the United Nations’ call for a meaningful, universal climate agreement in Paris this December.

Every time the song is purchased, streamed, or shared, the royalties go directly towards the efforts of Friends of the Earth to keep fossil fuels in the ground and lower carbon emissions, and to the work of the U.N. Foundation to inspire international action on climate change.

You can see the lyric video from Apple Music below:


Co-writer Toby Gad said, “I hope this song will broaden the audience for this urgent message and give the politicians emotional support for meaningful climate agreement in Paris.” Natasha Bedingfield, who also co-wrote the song, added:

Many people turn a blind eye, arguing that everything is OK environmentally. The song reminds us that having ownership of our world means taking care of it. With this song we wanted to talk about the environment in a way that would help people feel empowered to do something rather than be paralyzed by fear.

You can buy "Love Song To The Earth" on iTunes now. The Love Song creators and Apple are donating every penny that the song earns to Friends of the Earth and the UN Foundation to fund their work to fight climate change. Also be sure to visit the official "Love Song To The Earth" website, and don't forget to watch the lyric video featuring the singers, Jane Goodall, and plenty of animal friends.


Studio Updates (August - November 2015)

Natasha continued recording music through the summer and into the fall of 2015. As always, she shared fun behind-the-scenes updates as she recorded: