Florence + The Machine – Unreleased Songs

Over the years, we've gotten some excellent albums from Florence + The Machine. Beyond the singles and album tracks, we've also gotten bonus tracks, b-sides, standalone singles, soundtrack songs, and the occasional collaboration. However, the Florence Welch and band do have some unreleased songs hiding away.

We have a list of song titles that were intended for Florence + The Machine albums, but didn't make the cut. Most of these remain unheard, with fans hoping they'll make an appearance some day. Luckily for fans, a few songs have leaked online, though not many. Some of these actually come from earlier musical projects under different band names; see the notes in the column on the far right. Others are attributed to the band as we know them.

Enjoy this full list of unreleased Florence + The Machine songs. We’ll do our best to keep it up-to-date as new recordings and information come out. Be sure to also check out our full list of all Florence + The Machine songs - including the hidden jams below as well as all of her officially released tracks.

Florence + The Machine - Unreleased Songs

Basic info about all of Florence + The Machine's live recordings, known song titles, and known alternate versions of album tracks.
A New Year's AnxietyStudioPlans2007Ashok
Box SongLungs 2009
Constellation (with Jack U)How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful2015
Decadence StudioPlans2007Ashok
Don't Tell Me ("I'm Not Call You A Liar" demo)DemoLungs2009
Filthy Fingers ("Girl With One Eye" demo)DemoLungs2008Florrible and Miserabella
Frankly BoyStudioPlans2007Ashok
Geri Gigolo StudioPlans2007Ashok
HalloweenDemoLungs2008Florrible and Miserabella
Happy Slap (early version of "Kiss With A Fist") StudioPlans2007Ashok
I Can RunCeremonials2011
I Still Bleed RedCeremonials2011
I Wanna Be With YouHow Big, How Blue, How Beautiful2015
Learn From The MiddleStudioPlans2007Ashok
Little DonkeyDemoLungs2008Florrible and Miserabella; Alternate version of "Donkey Kosh"
Love NoteCeremonials2011
Made Of StoneCeremonials2011
MirageHigh As Hope2018
No. 1 With A BulletCeremonials2011
Oh EdenCeremonials2011
Paper MassacreDemo (partial)Lungs2009
Slow TimeStudioPlans2007Ashok
Small HandsDemoLungs2008Florrible and Miserabella
TantalusHow Big, How Blue, How Beautiful2015
Tear Out My Tongue / Ye Old HopeDemoLungs2009
Throwing BricksDemoLungs2009
UnbelieverHow Big, How Blue, How Beautiful2015
Under The ThumbStudioPlans2007Ashok
Within And WithoutHow Big, How Blue, How Beautiful2015