Kelly Clarkson – Unreleased Songs

Although we’ve heard dozens of officially released songs from Kelly Clarkson, she’s even more prolific than her discography would let on. Here is a complete list of all known songs that were never officially released. This includes recorded songs that have leaked in some form, songs that have been performed live, and unheard songs for which we have a title but little - if any - additional information.

Kelly has occasionally debuted songs live, and while some have gone on to appear on albums (for example, “Yeah” and “Maybe”), others have remained stuck in their live form (“Anymore,” “Come Here,” “All I Know,” “You Still Won’t Know What It’s Like,” and more). Still other songs have been performed live and have leaked in demo form (“Don’t,” “Call Me,” “Mrs. Right”).

Speaking of leaks: Numerous Kelly songs have leaked. The biggest onslaught of leaks occurred between 2010 and 2011. While many of them were intended for or later included on her album Stronger, many others had actually been written and recorded earlier or were intended for other artists. Apart from the numerous leaks in that one-year span, there have been other song leaks sporadically throughout her career.

Finally, we also know of dozens of songs that have never been heard - not as a demo nor studio recording nor live performance. These titles have either been revealed by Kelly herself - in interviews or on social media - or they’ve been registered officially with a mechanical or performance rights organization, like ASCAP or HFA. In general, very little is know about those songs.

Enjoy this full list of unreleased Kelly Clarkson songs. We’ll do our best to keep it up-to-date as new recordings and information come out. Be sure to also check out our full list of all Kelly Clarkson songs - including the hidden jams below as well as all of her officially released tracks.

Kelly Clarkson - Unreleased Songs

Basic info about all of Kelly Clarkson's leaked demos, live recordings, and known song titles.
3 A.M. [Early version of "Go"]DemoKelly Clarkson, Suzanne Benson, James LawrenceBreakaway2004
3 WordsKelly Clarkson, Miles McPherson, Jerry McPhersonStronger2010CopyrightTwitter
A Little More Time, A Little Less OverLiveKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009
After The LoveDemoJimmy Messer, Dwight BakerAll I Ever Wanted / Unreleased Country Album2008
Ain’t Gonna Like ThisLivePiece By Piece / Unreleased Country Album2013
All I KnowLiveMy December2005
All Of MeKelly Clarkson, Radney Foster Stronger2009Performed live; no recording
Another Greeting Card For The MassesKelly Clarkson, Mike Caren, Oliver GoldsteinStronger2011Copyright
AnymoreLiveMy December2006
Baby Blue EyesDemoThankful2003
Back To LifeKara Dioguardi, John ShanksBMI
Be StillDemoKelly Clarkson, Aben EubanksMy December2007Demo of album track
Between The LinesLiveKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009
Bleed For MeDemoKelly Clarkson, David Hodges, Ben MoodyBreakaway2004ASCAP; BMI
Blonde / BlindBreakaway2005Phone conversation with fan, 2005
Boy That’s In Love With YouKelly Clarkson, Andrew Dawson, Bre Kennedy, James NosanowMeaning Of Life2015ASCAP
Break The SilenceDemo (leaked April 2016)Kelly Clarkson, Ric RobbinsStronger2011BMI
BreathingKelly Clarkson, Nick Huntington, Michael McGroartyStronger2011Copyright
Call MeDemo; LiveKelly Clarkson, Cory Churko Unreleased Country Album2008; 2010Copyright
CleopatraDemoKelly ClarksonStronger2009Copyright
Close Your EyesDemoKelly Clarkson, Aben EubanksAll I Ever Wanted2008ASCAP, HFA
Come Back To MeLiveKelly Clarkson, Cory Churko Stronger2009
Come HereLiveKelly Clarkson, Danny WeissfeldMy December2005ASCAP
Couldn’t StopMy December2007“DJ General” claimed this was lead single, January 2007
DanceDemoStronger2010US Copyright
Did YouDemo (2)Kelly Clarkson, David Kahne, Alex Pardon, Fredrik RinmanMy December2007ASCAP, HFA
DrowningDemoKelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, Jimmy MesserMy December2007ASCAP, HFA
Don’tDemo; LiveKelly Clarkson, Danny WeissfeldBreakaway2004
Don’t Be A Girl About ItDemoKelly Clarkson, Brent KutzleStronger2010Demo of album track
Don’t Ever Give Up On MeDemoStronger2010
Empty As I AmLiveKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009US Copyright
Empty HandedDemoJimmy Messer, Dwight BakerAll I Ever Wanted / Unreleased Country Album2008BMI
Even Though You’re GoneKelly Clarkson, Jason HalbertMy December2007ASCAP, HFA
Far From HomeLiveKelly Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Alex Pardon, Fredrik RinmanMy December2007ASCAP, HFA
Feel It Coming OnDemo leaked in August 2017Unreleased Country Album2013
GetawayDemo (2)Kelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, Jimmy MesserBreakaway2004ASCAP, HFA
Go [Previously known as "3am"]Studio; DemoKelly Clarkson, Suzanne Benson, James LawrenceBreakaway2005ASCAP; BMI
Golden ChildDemoMy December2007
Good EnoughKelly ClarksonStronger2010Twitter
Habits & HeroesKelly Clarkson, Miles McPherson, Jeff KingStronger2010Copyright
Hand Me DownsLiveKelly Clarkson, Aben EubanksMy December2009
HauntedDemoKelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, Jimmy Messer My December2007Demo of album track
Holding Out For YouKelly Clarkson, Shep Solomon, Tom MeredithStronger2010Copyright
I Can Do BetterLiveStronger2009Copyright
I Can’t LoseDemoStronger2010Copyright
I Don’t Want To Hurt YouKelly Clarkson, Aben EubanksStronger2009Performed live; no recording
I Finally Got It RightKelly ClarksonAll I Ever Wanted2008Written interview; Feb 28, 2008
I Need YouLiveKelly Clarkson, Aben EubanksStronger2009Copyright
I Saw YouKelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, Ric RobbinsMy December2007ASCAP, Copyright
I Remember [And I Remember]Demo; LiveKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009Copyright
I Wish I Could Be LonelyDemo; LiveKelly Clarkson, Dwight Baker, Jason HalbertMy December2007ASCAP
I’m Not The Only OneLiveKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009
In These Eyes [Love In These Eyes]DemoKelly Clarkson, Kara DioGuardi, Clif MagnessBreakaway2004ASCAP, BMI, HFA
IrvineDemoKelly Clarkson, Aben Eubanks, Jimmy MesserMy December2007Demo of album track
It Doesn’t Really Matter AnymoreDemo leaked in September 2017Kelly Clarkson, Stuart Crichton, Tommy Lee JamesAll I Ever Wanted2008ASCAP
It Matters To MeKelly Clarkson, Josh Gabbard, Joshua MillerMeaning Of Life2017Registered on BMI in May 2017
Just For MeAll I Ever Wanted2009Copyright
Just The Way You AreDemoStronger2010Copyright
Keep Your Eyes On MineKelly Clarkson, Aben Eubanks, Jason HalbertMy December2007ASCAP, Copyright
Last CupLiveKelly Clarkson, Aben EubanksStronger2009
Lonely NightsKelly Clarkson, Gerry Goffin, Barry Goldbergpre-American Idol2000BMI
Lover StayDemoStronger2010
Maybe I’ll Get It RightLiveKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate RapierStronger2009
Mrs. RightDemo; LiveKelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, George KingUnreleased Country Album2008ASCAP, Copyright
Naked EyeDemoStronger2010
Never A ReasonKelly Clarkson, Graham ColtonMy December2006BMI
Nobody Can Stop UsThe Fives, Wayne HectorStronger2010Late 2010. Written for Kelly.
Old ManLiveKelly Clarkson, Aben Eubanks Stronger2009
One DayDemoAll I Ever Wanted2008
One More YesterdayDemo (leaked April 2016)Chris Daughtry, Richard Marx, Jason WadeStronger2010ASCAPKelly posted a video of her recording a “mystery duet”
One NoteKelly Clarkson, Blake SheltonPiece By Piece / Unreleased Country Album2013BMI
Only YouLiveKelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, Alex TownsendMy December2007ASCAP, Copyright
Only You (Million Reasons)Ali Tamposi, Mike Biancaniello, Coffee, Jordon Johnson, Stefan Johnson, Marcus LomaxPiece By Piece2013ASCAP
Part Of MeDemoThankful2003
Poison CandyDemoKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009
Put Em UpDemo, Live (Joanna Pacitti)Ryan Tedder, Daniel MuckalaAll I Ever Wanted2009ASCAP
Racehorse [Race Horse]DemoKelly Clarkson, Jimmy MesserMy December2007ASCAP
Read My MindKelly Clarkson, Jason HalbertMy December2007ASCAP, HFA
ReadyDemoKelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, Aben Eubanks All I Ever Wanted2008Demo of album track
Ready To GoDemoStronger2010
Red HandsKelly Clarkson, Miles McPherson, Jason HalbertStronger2010Copyright
SearchingDemo leaked in September 2017Thankful2003
Shit And FameDemoStronger2010Copyright
Shut Your Pretty FaceDemoKelly Clarkson, Adrien Gough, Henry WalterStronger2010ASCAP, HFA, Copyright
Slamming DoorsDemoMy December2007
So Far ApartDemoKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009Copyright
So He SaysLiveKelly Clarkson, Aben Eubanks Stronger2009no
Soap & WaterDemo leaked in August 2017Unreleased Country Album2013
Some LoveJason Halbert, Cory Churko, Hillary Lindsey, Shane StevensASCAP
Something I Never HadStudio (Lindsay Lohan)Kelly Clarkson, John Shanks, Shelly PeikenBreakaway2004ASCAP, HFA, Copyright
Sometimes You LeaveKara DioGuardi, Chris Tompkins, Ashokkumar SolankiASCAP
Song To YouDemoKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009
Standing In Front Of YouDemoKelly Clarkson, Aben EubanksStronger2010Demo of album track
Tell Me A LieDemo; Studio (One Direction)Kelly Clarkson, Shep Solomon, Tom MeredithStronger2011ASCAP, HFA, Copyright
TemporaryAll I Ever Wanted2008Supposed duet with Chris Daughtry
This Perfect DayKelly Clarkson, Dwight Baker, Jimmy MesserMy December2007ASCAP, BMI, HFA
Those Were The DaysBo Bice debut album,The Real Thing2005ASCAP
Till You Want MeKara Dioguardi, John Shanks; Samantha MooreBreakaway2004BMI
Today For MeThankful2003Original tracklisting for Thankful
Too MuchDemoKelly Clarkson, Jimmy MesserMy December2007ASCAP, HFA
Trace Of GoldThankful2003Original tracklisting for Thankful
Turn It Up, Turn Me OnDemoStronger2010Copyright
Trying To Help You OutDemo sung entirely by Kelly leaked in September 2017; Studio (Ashely Arrison)Kelly Clarkson, Aben Eubanks, Ashely ArrisonAshely Arrison album: Hearts On Parade2010ASCAP, HFA
UnbreakableKelly Clarkson, Jason HalbertHFA
Wash, Rinse, RepeatDemoKelly ClarksonStronger2010Copyright
Wasting KissesDemoKelly Clarkson, Thomas Rowland, Barry Weeks, Tony WoodStronger2010ASCAP, Copyright
We Own The NightDemo (leaked April 2016); studio version by Selena Gomez and the SceneToby Gad, Pixie LottStronger2010
What Happened HereDemoThankful2003Copyright
When I Said YesLiveKelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, Kate Rapier Stronger2009Copyright
Where Are You NowDemoKelly Clarkson, Jimmy MesserMy December2007ASCAP, HFA
Who’s That GirlDemoStronger2010Copyright
Whoever Did That Wasn’t MeDemoStronger2009Copyright
With A Little Bit Of LuckDemoKelly Clarkson, Aben EubanksAll I Ever Wanted2008Copyright
Wreck My WorldKelly ClarksonPiece By Piece2012Copyright
You Can’t WinDemoKelly Clarkson, Josh Abraham, Oliver Goldstein, Felix BloxsomStronger2010Demo of album track
You Don’t Know What Lonely’s LikeKelly Clarkson, Ric RobbinsStronger2011Copyright
You Still Won't Know What It's LikeLiveKelly ClarksonStronger2010
You’re The Only One For MeKelly Clarkson, Oliver Goldstein, Josh Abraham, Bonnie McKeeStronger2010ASCAP, Copyright

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    I want to cry that I’ve never heard any of these songs (maybe 2 snippets) however is it possible, sorry I’m spoiled, to link these songs … to how they sound?


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