Gavin DeGraw Already Writing Songs For Next Album

Gavin DeGraw’s last album, Make A Move, came out only last October, but the singer is already writing new songs for his next record. He surprised fans last week when he suddenly released a new song called “You Got Me” for the upcoming Dolphin Tale 2 film. It was written by Diane Warren, and Gavin said he is open to collaborating more on new music in the future.

In an interview with Yahoo Music, Gavin DeGraw talked about writing new songs and already having some that are “ready to go”:

I write new stuff every day. I’m always working on new ideas and calling people and asking them if they want to work with me on something. I’ve already written some new songs and some of it is ready to go, some of it is still in the working stages. But I think there are a couple champions in there. We’ll just have to wait and see.

He also talked about the moods and themes of the new music. Some has a nightlife party vibe, while others are more introspective – characteristic of his earlier work.

As many moods as you can have throughout the day, I write about all of those. I would compare some of the songs to Make A Move, but every time you do something new there’s going to be an element of what was and what’s going to be. I never want to do the same thing over and over. There’s an element of continuity so far, but there are certainly some new flavors.

One of the great things about Gavin is that he never wants to repeat the same thing over. Each of his albums is very different, and it sounds like his next one will show more evolution and change.

While he is still in the early stages of writing – and still busy touring in support of his last record – his new album could be out as early as next year. With only two years between Sweeter and Make A Move, this next album could easily be out by summer or fall 2015.

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