Muse Celebrates ‘Simulation Theory’ Release With 3 New Music Videos

Muse just released their impressive new album, Simulation Theory. To celebrate its release, the band shared three new music videos, following the five that preceded the album. The new videos for “Algorithm,” “Break It To Me,” and “Blockades” continue the story started in the likes of “Thought Contagion” and “Pressure.” In addition to the new music videos, Muse also shared lyric videos for “Propaganda,” “Get Up And Fight,” and “The Void.” Find their full video playlist here.

“Algorithm” launches with a long intro featuring Origin Of Symmetry-worthy piano riffs. “Break It To Me” is among the most experimental songs on Simulation Theory, with its flat opening chords and semi-rapped verses. Finally, “Blockades” somehow manages to sound like a tribute to all previous Muse albums, capturing their essence in just one song.

Each of these three songs comes with a music video. All continue the elaborate story started by the earlier Simulation Theory music videos.

First up is album opener “Algorithm.” As with the “Pressure” music video, actor Terry Crews stars in the clip. It starts with Terry doing some hardcore exercising, seemingly preparing for a battle which will require his strength. We then learn more about what Principal Crews was doing with that demon furby in the first place. Apparently he was working to sequence DNA with the fuby monster… pretty suspicious. By the video’s end, Terry has transported to the digital world seen in “The Dark Side.” It closes with his ascension up floating stairs flanked by giant robotic skeletons, whereupon reaching the top he finds the spooky arcade game from “Thought Contagion.”

Check out the “Algorithm” music video below:

Next is “Break It To Me,” set in the “Pressure” high school’s halls in the aftermath of the demon furby attack. A man who seems to be halfway through transforming into a full-sized demon furby (is that you, Principal Crews?) takes center stage. He writhes and dances, stretching in bizarre, un-human ways all the while. He seems to be trapped in the halls, but also appears somewhat delirious. The video stars Matthew Gibbs as the dancing furby man.

Watch the “Break It To Me” video:

Finally, the set of three new music videos ends with “Blockades.” More than anything, this video feels like a recap of all that has happened over the course of the previous seven videos. Scenes from “Dig Down,” “Thought Contagion,” “Something Human,” “The Dark Side,” “Pressure,” and the two newest videos all come together here. On the one hand, it shows how everything fits together. On the other, it leaves you feeling somewhat confused, too. All in all, the elaborate world found in these videos makes up Simulation Theory.

Watch “Blockades” below:

All three songs appear on Muse’s new album, Simulation Theory. You can stream the album, download it, or check out physical options on Muse’s official site. They link to all the major music platforms.

With the new album out, Muse is also ready to hit the road in 2019. Find North American and European tour dates and get your tickets before it’s too late.

Enjoy the three new music videos (plus three new lyric videos!) and the rest of Simulation Theory. It’s a strong album, and one you won’t want to miss! Keep checking back here for all the latest Muse news.

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