Fall Out Boy Announce Tracklisting For ‘M A N I A,’ Out This January

Fall Out Boy announced their new album, M A N I A, last April, originally scheduled for a September release. However, only a month before the original release date, they announced that it had been delayed until January 2018. They simply weren’t done recording the songs yet, and didn’t want to rush to the detriment of the album. Yesterday, Fall Out Boy shared a link stating that they had not yet finished recording the album. Today, they updated with the big news that M A N I A is officially done! Not only that, but they finally shared the 10-song tracklisting.

MANIA tracklisting

Check out the tracklisting for M A N I A below:

  1. “Young And Menace”
  2. “Champion”
  3. “Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea”
  4. “Hold Me Tight Or Don’t”
  5. “Last Of The Real Ones”
  6. “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”
  7. “Church”
  8. “Heaven’s Gate”
  9. “Sunshine Riptide” (feat. Burna Boy)
  10. “Bishops Knife Trick”

Fans have already heard nearly half the album. “Young And Menace,” “Champion,” and “The Last Of The Real Ones” were all official singles, while concert-going fans enjoyed a fourth new M A N I A song, “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes).”

Pre-order M A N I A now and get instant downloads of all three singles. Fall Out Boy’s official store also offers some great bundles. The album will be out on January 19, 2018.

While we count down the days until M A N I A is finally in our hands, be sure to see Fall Out Boy live on their North American tour. They’ll play a few shows in Europe and Australia in the new year, too.  Get tickets before it’s too late. They’re playing new songs, including “Expensive Mistakes”. Catch up on all we know about M A N I A so far, and keep checking back here for all the latest Fall Out Boy music news.

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