See P!nk’s Bright New Music Video For “Beautiful Trauma”

Last month, P!nk released her new album, Beautiful Trauma. Following lead single “What About Us,” the title track is now serving as single number two. Today, “Beautiful Trauma” also gets a colorful new music video.

The song starts with a slow, moving melody, the piano and crooned vocals tricking you into thinking it’s a ballad. But the tune suddenly switches it up, transitioning to a pop rock verse with more attitude. The chorus slows it back down at first before swiftly picking up speed again. The song continually switches between dramatic and fun. “Beautiful Trauma” is a dynamic song – musically and in terms of mood. Fittingly, the lyrics describe a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with rocky ups and downs.

The music video brings that mood to life against a fun and bright backdrop. A 1950s couple – P!nk along with actor Channing Tatum – might seem picture perfect until you realize how chaotic they are. While the highs are high – days spent dancing and smiling – the lows seem low as P!nk cries in a bathtub. For the most part, though, they make do with their unpredictable ways. Dressing in drag, drinking too much, and exploring role playing are all part of a single day’s events. It’s a wild video that animates the song’s themes perfectly.

Watch the music video for “Beautiful Trauma” below:

“Beautiful Trauma” is the second single from P!nk’s 7th album of the same name. You can buy Beautiful Trauma on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.

Enjoy the new music video, and be sure to listen to the full album. Keep checking back here for all the latest P!nk music news.

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