OK Go Confirm “Hungry Ghosts” Tracklisting

In May OK Go announced their upcoming 4th studio album, Hungry Ghosts. They teased fans with the mid-tempo breakup anthem “The Writing’s On The Wall” followed by a 4-track EP previewing the new full length album. Now fans can know what exactly to expect on the new record, for OK Go has just revealed the full track listing for Hungry Ghosts!

01. Upside Down & Inside Out
02. The Writing’s On the Wall
03. Another Set of Issues
04. Turn Up the Radio
05. Obsession
06. I’m Not Through
07. Bright As Your Eyes
08. I Won’t Let You Down
09. The One Moment
10. If I Had a Mountain
11. The Great Fire
12. Lullaby

Most of these titles should be familiar – you can preview 10 of these in their teaser video that accompanied the album announcement. New song titles are “If I Had A Mountain” and the album closer, “Lullaby.” Based on what we’ve heard, Hungry Ghosts should be a great continuation of OK Go’s last album, which introduced a slicker throwback pop sound that merged catchy hooks with personal lyrics.

OK Go promises to release the album artwork in a few weeks. Hungry Ghosts comes out on October 14th, but you can pre-order the album on OK Go’s official PledgeMusic page now. You can read our recap of everything that went into Hungry Ghosts, as well as our list of potential songs – a few didn’t make the final track listing, but perhaps they’ll appear as b-sides or bonus tracks later on.

If you’re as excited as we are, be sure to listen to the Upside Out EP and watch “The Writing’s On The Wall” as we wait these last few months until Hungry Ghosts hits the shelves. Keep checking back here for more on OK Go and all of your other favorite artists!

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