All-American Rejects Frontman Tyson Ritter Shares Details About New Music

After a few quiet years, it looks like the All-American Rejects are gearing up to release new music soon. It’s been more than three years since they released their fourth album, Kids In The Street, and although they talked about recording a new album in 2014, there were delays. The band started talking about new music earlier this year, and frontman Tyson Ritter kept busy by joining some movie and TV show projects. Now the band is starting to get back into full music mode with a new song and music video coming this fall.

Over the last week, Tyson Ritter teased fans on Twitter about a new All-American Rejects music video. He did not state what song it is for or when it was filmed, but he promises we will hear more about it at the end of October:

Tyson has also been busy writing songs. He has confirmed that a new track called “Into My Heart” is not for the All-American Rejects, but did not reveal what the song will be used for.

Nonetheless, Tyson did share his idea of a good album title. It’s unclear if Calypso will be the name of a new Rejects album.


In case you missed it, earlier this month, the band announced that their new song, “There’s A Place,” will appear in the upcoming film Miss You Already. Tyson Ritter is also acting in the movie. Although he planned to share the full song on SoundCloud, he doesn’t have permission to do so yet; we can hear only part of “There’s A Place” in the Miss You Already trailer below:

The All-American Rejects are playing some shows this fall, but have not confirmed whether they have been or will begin recording new music for a full album. Last year Nick Wheeler stated that they wanted to record a quick album in fall 2014, but that evidently did not happen. Either way, we have at least one new song with “There’s A Place” coming soon. The new music video – which may be for “There’s A Place” or another new song – will be out in late October, and hopefully there will be more All-American Rejects news then. Keep checking back here for all the latest AAR music news.

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