Hoobastank Is Still Writing New Album, Expected Out Later This Year

In spring 2014, Hoobastank started working on their sixth studio album, the followup to 2012’s Fight Or Flight. Last spring, frontman Doug Robb was ready to talk about the upcoming music. In a few interviews, he revealed that they had 30 songs written and demoed, more than they’d ever had for an album before. He also mentioned two new song titles! Last summer, he announced that they were ready to find a producer and officially record the album. By November, Doug predicted that we’d have the new album this summer!

There hasn’t been much news since then, but guitarist Dan Estrin did speak about the next album in an interview last month. He sat down for an interview in Florida on February 8th and talked about touring the world, Doug being very sick, and working on new music. Early on in the interview, Dan stated:

We’re writing right now. I mean we’re not writing like, “Let’s get together and write!” We all have the technology to write at home and record stuff. So we get together and we take those ideas, and we try to make something out of them. And hopefully we’ll put something together in the next several months.

Later on, he talked about how the new album will compare to previous Hoobastank records:

It’s a bit of both [evolving from the last album and something completely different]. It’s gonna be different from the last record, but I think that once you hear the vocals and you hear Doug’s voice, you’ll hear the band. I think musically things will be different, things will just be, “Oh, this is a new approach to this sound,” or whatever.

Towards the end, Dan said, “Our plan is to work on some of these ideas and hopefully get into the studio and record them, and then get back out on the road.” He didn’t offer a timeline, but hopefully we’ll get to hear some of the new music later this year. Summer may not be as likely at this point, but perhaps fall?

Watch the full interview below:

Apparently recovered from his illness, Doug tweeted about writing for the next album on February 29th and March 1st:

It’s exciting to know that new Hoobastank music is so close to coming out! Whether it’s this summer or fall, as Doug promises, all good things to those who wait. We can look forward to more studio sneak peeks as they begin recording the album in the coming months. We still don’t know who’s producing or what musical direction the band is moving in this time. But based on their first five albums, we know it will be good.

Stay up-to-date on the new album over on our recording page. Keep checking back here for all the latest Hoobastank music news.

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