Ghost Preparing To Release New EP This Summer

Get excited, Ghost fans: Just one year after sharing their Grammy-winning third album, Meliora, Ghost is getting ready to release a new EP this summer. The band is finishing up a North American tour in New York this month, and from the end of May through early July they will be playing shows across Europe. Shortly after this we can expect to hear some new music from the band!

As a Nameless Ghoul told MetalSucks,

Right now we’re gonna finish up this tour in Albany, which is on May 22nd, and then our European tour starts May 27th. And that stretches into right in the beginning of July; so that’s gonna be festivals. After that, we have an EP coming out. That’s gonna be great, because that’s gonna, sort of, re-energize the whole cycle. So there’s gonna be some new material, we’re gonna have a new stage show. So it’s gonna be a completely different sort of setting. Then we’re gonna terrorize you with that for, up until next year.

Check out the interview in which the Nameless Ghoul revealed the news; he talks about the upcoming plans around the 7:32 mark:

The last EP Ghost put out was the 5-track If You Have Ghost EP in November 2013. The release included four diverse covers (songs by Roky Erickson, ABBA, Army Of Lovers, and Depeche Mode) and a live recording of their Infestissumam single, “Secular Haze.” It is unclear whether the new Ghost EP will also be made up primarily of covers, if they will be alternate recordings of previously released music, or if they will be new, unheard songs.

As we await more news about the new EP, be sure to listen to Ghost’s latest album, Meliora. It launched the singles “Cirice” and “From The Pinnacle To The Pit,” and has done well on radio. The band is definitely on the rise, and deservedly so. Keep checking back here for all the latest Ghost music news.

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