See Andrew McMahon’s Inflatable Love Story “Fire Escape” Music Video

Earlier this month, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness shared the lyric video for his new single, “Fire Escape,” which he’d been playing live all summer. The peppy song is just our first taste of his upcoming second album under the new moniker. The unnamed sophomore record is still in progress, but should be out by early 2017.

“Fire Escape” is a cheery love song, and its new music video captures the mood. But there is a twist. Instead of your usual lead characters, the love birds here are actually inflatable air dancers. They’ve been a key part of Andrew’s live shows this summer, so it’s natural that they “act” in the new video. We follow these inflatables from their first moments together all the way until they have a little one of their own. Andrew appears behind the piano, but he also gets behind the wheel of a boat as he drives the couple around.

Check out the fun “Fire Escape” music video below:

Billboard recently caught up with Andrew to find out more about the “Fire Escape” video.

The Windmill Factory and I got together in the months leading up to Coachella 2015, when we debuted [Andrew McMahon in the] Wilderness. The whole idea of me getting involved with a company like theirs and this artist consortium that they’ve put together was to bring something whimsical to the stage. What better place than a concert to give an audience a chance to let go of that adult inhibition that keeps us a little bit pent up? On every tour, we put together a different show. The next logical step was to involve them in visuals beyond just the stage and bring them into my world in the music video realm…

On a late night in Los Angeles, Jon Morris — who was the co-director on the video — and I had this magical evening at the Ace Hotel where we invited a bunch of friends out, rented a suite, got our notebooks out, and had probably more fun than we should have. We just tried to brainstorm what would be the best party trick that you can bust out at a concert. And we came up with getting these two wacky, wavy arm, inflatable dancers on stage with us. We brought them out on the [Weezer] tour and had them on stage with us for the whole summer. It seemed like it would be a fun experiment to try and find a way to not just include them in the video, but also show these personalities and create this love story between our little inflatable dancers.

Andrew McMahon is back in the studio now finishing up his second Wilderness album. “Fire Escape” is just our first preview, but there will be more songs coming out in the next few months. He worked on it primarily in New York City, but is back in California now. You can read up on all we know about the upcoming album so far, and keep checking back for all the latest Andrew McMahon music news.

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