See Amy Lee’s Sweet “If You’re A Star” Music Video

Amy Lee just released her new children’s album, Dream Too Much. It’s quite the change for the Evanescence singer, but one that fits well. The album includes covers as well as original songs she wrote for her two-year-old son, Jack. “If You’re A Star” is one of the new songs Amy wrote.

The gentle ballad asks twinkling night stars how they can sleep if their lights never go out. The lyrics come to life in its new music video. Watch as a paper animated sheep wanders the world with smiling stars guiding the way. Fireflies, crickets, birds, bears, elephants, and dogs all appear in the cute, simple music video.

Amy recently told EW about the “If You’re A Star” video:

The video is meant to illustrate that we’re never alone, that we’re not so different, all across the world. All you have to do is look up to remember that we are all under the same very big sky, maybe even wishing on the same star.

Watch the sweet video for “If You’re A Star” below:

“If You’re A Star” is one of 12 songs that appears on Amy’s new family album. The title track also has a music video, and the rest of the tracks will come to life in videos over the coming months. You can buy Dream Too Much on Amazon now. Keep checking back here for more videos from Amy Lee and all the latest music news.

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