Michelle Branch Is Back! Hear Her Comeback Single, “Hopeless Romantic”

It’s been a while since we got a Michelle Branch album. 14 years, to be exact. And while we’ve gotten some singles and EPs since Hotel Paper came out way back in 2003 – including a foray into country music and the lead single from a still-unreleased album – 2017 marks Michelle’s long overdue return. Her new album, Hopeless Romantic, is schedule for release on April 7th. The title track serves as our first taste of the record.

“Hopeless Romantic” is a raw, reflective look at continually falling in love despite the near certainty of failure. It’s a refreshing moody jam, built up with real instruments and cool, vulnerable vocals. Strings in the background lend a romantic vibe to the track. The more rock style reflects how the rest of the album will sound. Our favorite early-2000s pop rock girl is a little less pop and a bit more rock this time around. Listen to “Hopeless Romantic” below:

Michelle’s new album is available for pre-order now. You’ll get an instant download of “Hopeless Romantic,” but the other 13 tracks will have to wait. Check out the full tracklist:

  1. Best You Ever
  2. You’re Good
  3. Fault Line
  4. Heartbreak Now
  5. Hopeless Romantic
  6. Living A Lie
  7. Knock Yourself Out
  8. Temporary Feeling
  9. Carry Me Home
  10. Not A Love Song
  11. Last Night
  12. Bad Side
  13. Shadow
  14. City

Now let’s dive into some Michelle Branch history, for all of you who haven’t kept up the last 14 years. After releasing two successful albums (2001’s Spirit Room and 2003’s Hotel Paper), Michelle left the pop scene to go country. She formed the duo The Wreckers with Jessica Harp, and they released Stand Still, Look Pretty in 2006. Soon after, the duo split up.

Michelle tried to release a solo country album in 2008, but months passed with little promise. Eventually, her label whittled 13 tracks down to just a 6-song EP. In 2010, Everything Comes And Goes was released digitally.

In 2011, Michelle had another full album ready to put out.  West Coast Time returned to her pop rock sound, and after releasing the single “Loud Music” that summer, the album was supposed to hit shelves that September. But for reasons that remain mysterious to this day, the album never came out. Luckily, fans found a few leaked West Coast Time songs later on. Eventually, Michelle left Warner to join her current label, Verve Label Group.

For the rest of the Hopeless Romantic story, head over to Michelle’s official website’s “about” page. It shares a lengthy, detailed account of how this album came to be. A 2012 songwriting start, a divorce, new romance, and finding her inner rocker are key element’s in how Michelle created the new songs that make up Hopeless Romantic. Read more here.

Remember, Hopeless Romantic is available for pre-order from iTunes and Amazon now. The album comes out this April 7th, and as long as it doesn’t have the same fate as her previous attempts, it will be the long-awaited return to pop rock that we’ve all been waiting for. Keep checking back here for all the latest Michelle Branch music news.

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