Natasha Bedingfield Confirms New Track, “Love Looks Like”

A couple of weeks ago, Natasha Bedingfield teased a special Valentine’s Day “thing,” and she asked fans to participate. What that thing was remained a mystery until today. Natasha plans to release a new song called “Love Looks Like.” She joins Art House for the new track. Natasha didn’t divulge when the new music will be available, but she did share a clip of “Love Looks Like” on Facebook. Hear 18 seconds of “Love Looks Like” below:

It seems that Natasha is still accepting submissions for a video for “Love Looks Like.” She wants fans to send in pictures or videos describing what love means to them. Just post a video or a photo of what your visual representation of what that is with the hashtag #LoveLooksLikeNatasha. Stay tuned for the video in the next few weeks.

Sadly, Natasha hasn’t released much music in the last few years. Her last full album was 2010’s Strip Me – an underrated, excellent record. Since 2010, Natasha has appeared in a handful of collaborations, such as “Jet Lag” with Simple Plan, “Between The Raindrops” with Lifehouse, and “Power Games” with Stanfour.

In 2014, Natasha wrote and sang on the charity song, “Love Song To The Earth.” In 2015, Natasha released her solo charity song  “Hope.” Last year, Natasha released her amazing dance track “Unicorn” with Basto. There have been other collaborations and songs, but not much.

Natasha has been working on new music for the better part of five years now. For the most part, she’s kept mum about a new record. Although she promised a new album “coming soon” in early 2013 and early 2014, she’s stopped mentioning albums altogether lately. However, she has been actively writing and demoing new songs. It’s unclear when Natasha will release a new album; it’s also unclear what’s holding her back. With any luck, we’ll get some more music from her in 2017. Fingers crossed!

Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news.

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