See Michelle Branch’s “Hopeless Romantic” Music Video – Her First In Years!

Earlier this month, Michelle Branch debuted “Hopeless Romantic,” the first single off her long-awaited third album of the same name. After two pop rock albums at the beginning of the century, she took a detour into country before returning to her solo career. Though her last two albums never actually came out, this one is officially set for release on April 7th. Our delicious first taste, “Hopeless Romantic,” now has a music video to enjoy.

Entertainment Weekly premiered the video yesterday. This is the first music video Michelle has filmed in years. As EW reports, she ended up recruiting her photographer friend, Brian Higbee. He was someone she felt comfortable working with for a video comeback of sorts. As she told EW:

His stuff always skews a little bit darker, and I wanted this to be darker. I haven’t had a video out in so long, so I wanted to push the envelope in that sense, and not have something that was ‘cheery’ or what people expect from me.

Though Michelle sent him three videos capturing the mood she hoped to achieve — Earl Sweatshirt’s “Chum,” Massive Attack’s “Ritual Spirit,” and Adele’s “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” — she ultimately let him take the lead on “Hopeless Romantic.”

The video is simple and moody, showing Michelle driving at night, getting caught in the rain, and looking the camera dead on in a lonely room. It’s a furtive, delicate clip that lets the emotions build from what’s left unsaid.

Watch “Hopeless Romantic” below:

Michelle explained the meaning of “Hopeless Romantic” to EW: “The song is about the push and pull of a romantic relationship. There’s always a kind of fear when you’re entering a relationship with someone; of, ‘Where will this go? Will I get hurt?’”

She also mentioned that it fits the theme of the upcoming album of the same name:

The album runs the gamut from break-up songs to tracks about finding love. So it seemed like the perfect [album] title from the moment we recorded it. That’s been the story-arc of the last three years of my life. And I am a hopeless romantic!

Hopeless Romantic is available for pre-order from iTunes and Amazon now. The album comes out this April 7th, and as long as it doesn’t have the same fate as her previous two attempts, it will be the long-awaited return to pop rock that we’ve all been waiting for. Keep checking back here for all the latest Michelle Branch music news.

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