Hear Tove Lo & Alma’s New Collab, “Bad As The Boys”

Yesterday, Tove Lo revealed the tracklist, album artwork, and release date for her upcoming fourth album, Sunshine Kitty. It will be out on September 20th and feature 14 songs, and today we get to hear a new one. Following lead single “Glad He’s Gone,” today Tove Lo shared “Bad As The Boys” featuring Finnish singer Alma. The pair previously teamed up on the remix of Tove’s Blue Lips songs, “Bitches,” along with Charli XCX, Icona Pop, and Elliphant. And before that, both Tove and Alma appeared on Charli XCX’s song, “Out Of My Head.”

Like “Glad He’s Gone,” “Bad As The Boys” is based more on acoustic guitar than Tove’s earlier music. But this time, the song is less chill and more tense, with a fast strum running under the verses. It gives the song a latin vibe and extra energy. “Bad As The Boys” is a bit more uptempo than the lead single, a breakup anthem that has plenty of replay value.

On “Bad As The Boys,” we explore a relationship Tove Lo had with a woman that, sadly, didn’t work out. Tove Lo, herself a bisexual woman, laments that her ex-girlfriend was as bad as the boys, and the breakup with her hurts as much as breakups with ex-boyfriends. (For her part, Alma identifies as gay.) Tove and Alma each take a verse, though their voices are so well matched that you may have a hard time telling who’s who!

“Bad As The Boys” is a great song, and a bit more immediate than “Glad He’s Gone” was.

Watch the lyric video for “Bad As The Boys” below:

You can stream or download “Bad As The Boys” from all the major music providers here. The song will appear on Tove Lo’s upcoming album, Sunshine Kitty. You can pre-order the album here and get an instant download of both this and “Glad He’s Gone.”

Sunshine Kitty will feature 14 new songs. In addition to “Bad As The Boys,” four other songs will feature guest artists, including Kylie Minogue, Doja Cat, Jax Jones, and MC Zaac.

Check out the full Sunshine Kitty tracklisting below:

  1. Gritty Pretty (intro)
  2. Glad He’s Gone
  3. Bad As The Boys (feat. Alma)
  4. Sweettalk My Heart
  5. Stay Over
  6. Are U GonnaTell Her? (feat. MC Zaac)
  7. Jacques (with Jax Jones)
  8. Mateo
  9. Come Undone
  10. Equally Lost (feat. Doja Cat)
  11. Really Don’t Like U (feat. Kylie Minogue)
  12. Shifted
  13. Mistaken
  14. Anywhere U Go

Get ready for some excellent new Tove Lo songs coming next month! For now, enjoy “Bad As The Boys” and “Glad He’s Gone.” Sunshine Kitty will be out in one month on September 20th. Until then, keep checking back here for all the latest Tove Lo music news.

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